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Federal Advice

June 18th, 2012

To finish, they must be auditados of independent form, as the rules established for the Federal Advice of Accounting? CFC. Seeming of (s) the auditor (you are) independent (s) is the document where this express professional its opinions on the countable demonstrations for it auditadas. This to seem, in accordance with the opinion that contains, can be classified in seeming without exception, seeming exception, to seem adverse and to seem opinion abstention. In seeming exception, in accordance with the opinion of the independent auditor, is everything in perfect order, that is, the countable demonstrations the norms of the CFC and the basic principles of the accounting had been prepared in accordance with. In seeming exception, the comment carried through for the independent auditor must allow the users to identify its effect in the countable demonstrations. Therefore, they can be analyzed by the public administrator aiming at to form its discretional opinion concerning the acceptance or not of the constant information of the presented countable documentation.

No longer to seem adverse, has the comprometimento of the set of the presented countable demonstrations and in seeming opinion abstention (that he can be for uncertainties or limitation in the extension of the examination), the auditor was disabled to form its opinion on the countable documentation. Exactly that the norm does not establish no distinction between them, can understand, for the beginning of razoabiliade, that an auditorship with seeming adverse or with opinion abstention, demonstrates problems in the demonstrations countable (, that they had not been produced in accordance with the rules established for the CFC), becoming at least possible public administration not to accept such documents to it for evidence of the good situation economic-financier of the EBN. 2.2De the Equity On the equity, it must be of R$ 8.000.000, 00 (eight Real million) for the ocean navegation, of R$ 6.000.000, 00 (six Real million) for the R$ and coastal navegation, 2.500.000, 00 for the navigations of maritime support and port support.

Reading And Learning

June 16th, 2012

The importance given to the subjects of economy of our country, is of utmost importance for all those that read jornaisdiariamente, but believes that it would be in such a way how much pleasant the estasnoticias terms those colunistas brilliants that I eat in outroscadernos can sanctioning in them with its immense wisdom translated emensinamentos stop approaching in them still more to be people educadasfinanceiramente. To announce what he happened or that this you give to happen aonosso redor with people of great he influences for economy of the importante country and can bring immediate benefits its readers, masacredito that as many economists that they obtain to evaluate with tantapreciso the reasons that take the stock markets up and down, and quedemonstram with so few but wise people words why of tantarecesso in the economy or even though what took this or that grandemultinacional to decree its bankruptcy. As much knowledge can and deveser used to dispertar in its readers the importance of if giving maisateno as we were educated financially and what we make of nossaseconomias and future financier. I say this, why we know of the difficulty of all to poderparar and to read a good book on economy, financial education, had occur-runs of day-by-day, thus such notebooks of nesteprincipais economies periodicals that so obligator readings to start itself well odia, can and would have be the instrument that makes possible the primeiroscontatos and the matureness of the ideas of as would be will importantededicarmos our time for the learning no appends of outraslinguas, of a new sport or new hobby, harms something so importanteque can make all the difference of they dominate that it in having a healthful and more important vidafinanceira until, a economicamenteativa oldness. Therefore my indiguinao, in to always open as many periodicals and veraquelas same faces, speaking on fusing, incorporations and high ebaixa of the stock market. To show the secrets of that memorable executive – always to wake up early and to be a good leader in house and the work, but and afinana, why nobody of a due importance to this knowledge? He will be that any executive of success does not know that case not tenhaconhecimento sufficient on as to deal with its finances can have umavida professional of predestinold success but to the failure of its vidapessoal? Perhaps sobreque is in the hour to change our concepts type of information needs to see in periodicals, only noticiasque also we will see two or three times during the day in the telejornais oualgo that it can in them bring information in small daily portions chews will supply in them of the time lack to dedicate a good reading to it sobrecomo to deal with our money. It is in our hands, or better in our eyes, the choice and apossibilidade to make ours you criticize so that daily prazerosoexercicio of reading of a good periodical in them brings each time useful and necessary maisinformaes for our reality.

International Relations

June 12th, 2012

' ' This on the other hand will be good for the environment, that was very affected when the countries were with high taxes of crescimento.' ' From a critical analysis of the work of Walden Bello on the desglobalizao and a new world-wide economy was studied the strategical scenes of the Nations in recent years. One concluded that the partner-cultural forms of the world had generated a transculturao process. Ahead of the complex and including character of the modernization in the Age of the Globalismo, the economic crisis initiate in the United States showed to us theory to it of the interdependence in the Nations. The Complex Interdependence was categorized by Viotti and Kauppi as pertaining to the pluralista image of the International Relations for possessing some on actors the same the internacinal circuit, that is, state and not state actors are important, the State are not a unitary actor and its parts can act transnationally, the international agenda are composed of diverse subjects, as economy and welfare state, that they are so or until more important that the Security. The Complex Interdependence favors the cooperation, becoming possible games of positive addition and the stabilization of the System International it saw institutions and standards of behavior international that if they form throughout the time. It is the result of the multiplication of the global interconnections and the acceleration financial, demographic flows, of good, services and of information.

Moreover, the actors who operate these flows extremely are varied. Intergovernamentais organizations, not governmental multinationals, organizations, civil society, amongst others. Thus, a time that the flows occur in a very great intensity, with diverse actors interacting in varied levels, forms a teia of interdependent relations. E, as an brusque movement in one of the tips can shake at least good part of the teia, says that the disruption costs are very high for the actors.


June 5th, 2012

Outsourcing is a term of English origin, ‘ ‘ Out’ ‘ it means ‘ ‘ fora’ ‘ ‘ ‘ source’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ sourcing’ ‘ it means source. Literally it assigns the action that exists on the part of an organization in getting man power is of the company, that is, terceirizada man power. 1.2-Definition the Outsourcing is a form to add value to a business converting an internal center of costs into a external service through the subcontratao, allowing release of resources of the organization and the managers to concentrate its attention in the areas of business of raised strategical importance. 1.3-Process de Outsourcing As a way to the attainment of a competitive position front to its competitors, the companies is adoptando the use strategy that consists of the desverticalizao of its processes of production. This passes for a study that start for the identification and analysis of which the internal processes if they show inefficient, and by which shares they must be taken to become them more agile, flexible and adaptable. In a process of outsourcing, we find five phases, nominated: Identification of chances, evaluation of chances, seleco of the supplier, process of transistion and acampanhamento and evaluation of the performance. 1.3.1-Identification of chances In this phase is defined: The strategical direco? Distinction of the vital processes of not vital? Identification of the processes to consider 1.3.2-Evaluation of chances is considered the following elements Here: Evaluation of the quality and the actuais costs? To investigate alternatives? To define the objectivos of outsourcing 1.3.3-Seleco of the supplier Is considered: The determination of the extension of the necessary control? Definition of the requirements of the supplier? To evaluate proposals and to seleccionar the 1.3.4-Process suppliers of transistion In this phase of – the bigger emphasis: Development of a transistion plan? Transistion of processes? Integration with vital processes 1.3.5-Accompaniment and evaluation of the performance In this last phase of the process of outsourcing is considered: Attainment of reports of the performance? Continued improvement of the performance? Periodic evaluation 1.4-Type de Outsourcing the organizations make use of a gamma of models or types of outsourcing that objectivos function of or strategical plan of each can be utlizados in organization.


June 4th, 2012

And this made think me on the purchases of your clients, the time that they take in comprarte and what you are doing in your business to make more sales. And to go direct to the grain and thus you apply immediately my strategies, are my 3 here tips: 1. Mantente in front of your clients at the precise moment Often we thought that the clients buy luckily, and is not thus. The client buys because, when the necessity appears, you are you the one that is in front of him.

After all, he is not when we want, but when the client is preparation. Of there the importance of being in front of your potential clients constantly, and to obtain it nothing as a printed or electronic bulletin (I use Aweber). Now. Many think that these programs to send bulletins are expensive. In fact, the cost ridiculously under is compared with the income of your sales. (Aljate of the gratuitous ones.

You need a program that allows you to measure the effectiveness than you send.) 2. In the frequency a consultant is the sale sold a package to learn to make better consultations. I took 7 months in buying to him. And what obtained that sale was the frequency of the message. Another example was another consultant in the area to write words that sell. I take reading its bulletin 2 years and the past week was that I became client. (Now it will have income as for me to the rate of $47 dollars monthly.) When I say frequency, I talk about to the use of a bulletin, the letters by postal mail, the paid publicity, telephone calls or what is that allows you to be in front of the client frequently. 3. Pursuit towards the success the great majority of my clients repeats their purchase. That is excellent because, once the client is in my funnel, it is not necessary to pay publicity to attract it. It is obvious. According to some studies, a happy client is more probable that she buys again. And this is obtained through pursuit. When I speak of pursuit I am speaking of the use of autorrespondedor where the client buys, is thanked for to him and emails of pursuit in automatic form is sent to him. (I clarify: although my system is automatic, my clients can trust that they will receive an answer if they contact to us.) Other forms of pursuit are the telephone postal, calls or a personal visit. The idea is to give pursuit to the client so that it is satisfied because in the satisfaction it is the recommendation or the purchase. OK. I am going to summarize Mantente in front of your clients with a bulletin. Mantn the frequency. and dales pursuit to your clients. You have there it, loved industralist. My 3 tips to know when they will buy your clients.