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June 1st, 2015

Hello, which proved so necessary is for a country like Mexico, winning, I don’t thing, is simply an activity if of disruption by graveside defines us as society; we act in reference to those who are able to more or less and we don’t have the layers interact with different results than balcony. If that is, if Mexico won do, all Files, it is obvious that there will be some characters with sobriety, but in the most serious country the euphoria; Mexico 0 England 1: my God, that passes, are useless, but at least we are taking possession of the ball; Mexico 0 England 2, hell, not may be, with the party dominated and because us are killing?, gain nothing; Mexico 1 England 2, Rasia my God, as we are in the second time we tied, we go Mexico; Mexico 1 England 3, by holy God, we kill from Howrah I just; enters the temp, save us the. Ends the party and all Mexicans sad but something motivated, if nobody can deny that it is good, but do not think that I was not achieved too do, but took control of the first half, was by that Britons toured biennial very long in their leagues, but above all, not cren that with more than 30 days of preparation?,

It should show greater improvement; I think that not. Not for the following: the Mexican footballer always demonstrated that level, rising a bit from the famous arrival of Menotti. It has no bad technical direction, but neither lamer; since it Aguirre, though already with European experience, that big football mentality has no,and does not have it because of the difference in cultures of football. Given the way of living of the Mexican football, is to come to the limit, by that do not have that other countries football culture as Brasilia a granary pressie) Italy (defend well and always delivered). But what we have is not bad although come demos to the limit if, and as we will change this, fails: leaving the same players as go candle among others, with their triumphs and experiences achieved give the example that if it can be large and teach the next generation, achievements, footballers Mexican with success stories. Mexico today very well excellent, going for better things..