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The Day Money Account As A Safe Haven

September 18th, 2016

“” Black Monday”some brokers called the January 21, 2008 and by selling off” and panic “was mentioned. At times over seven per cent, the German stock index DAX suffered the strongest slump for over six years. The past few months were already an uncertain time, while some already saw entry courses, more and more investors retreated from the trading in shares or reduced at least their commitment. And even after this Monday, the opinion of investors splits again into two camps, those who finally be restrain themselves for some time and those who see the time to get started right now. Now all those who are slightly more cautious and would prefer first of all reduce the amount of its investments in shares and other securities, arises the question of what alternatives there are.

No doubt there are a whole number, but few combine the necessary security with an attractive return and offer at the same time at any time in rising prices on the stock exchanges to invest the flexibility. A form of investment on this description fits the day money is. An online guided day money account at a bank is free of charge and offers an attractive return with approximately 4% p.a. interest. At the same time, the deposit on a day money account by the deposit protection fund is hedged. Instead of so losses just to sit out and to wait for rising prices, or to leave, but not invested capital with low interest lying on the custody account or checking account is the opportunity to invest this capital an interesting alternative in overnight, it reserves however the possibility open at any time to exit this investment and to orient themselves. Another way the fixed-term deposit, which currently similar interest rates offers it as a day money possible. When using a fixed deposit account of investors must bind but for a predetermined period of time, during which the plant can be stopped. Thus an investment in fixed-term deposits only for investors who are absolutely sure is advisable the applied capital while the lifetime of the facility not to need or want to change the form of investment. Alexander Bertram

Chair Implants

September 17th, 2016

A tooth replacement in the sense of health get health is going on! Who had not ever corrosive toothache? Everyone knows going to the dentist is imperative. The fear is great, because nobody likes sits on the white Chair. This is somehow paradoxical, because you know the pain, the dentist takes us through his treatment. Perhaps is it only the fear before the anesthetic injection, however, how much more painful the procedure of the dentist without the anesthetic would be? On the Web to get all the necessary information. Entering implants in a search engine tooth replacement price and price comparisons, so you will know everything.

It’s not only a question of cost, no, the competence of the dentist is essential. You should just read the testimonials of other patients. In many cases, the sick spot paid only a portion of the expense, more empfehlenswerter are a tooth replacement price comparison and a comparison of implants in the Internet. Where you can save, because you should also save. All collections of the costs are in the network various works of the dentists indicated.

It has a direct cost comparison in mind so immediately. The theme of beauty in our society is very relevant. The optical falls right in the eyes. You can overdo it with security, but beautiful teeth beautify every smile. The Gepflegtheit of a man is held very high in our time. Healthy teeth often raise the self esteem of a people. An implant costs about 250-650 euro. Not every dentist but requires the same fees as other dentist for the same job. With a dentist price comparison and a comparison of implants in the Internet is always good advice and you can choose the right specialists in peace. The competence of a dentist is essential. Often one is dissatisfied with his teeth, you want a change. Going to the dentist is a hard, scared and is often uncertain. Just who is smart in the Internet, which will not be able to regret going to the dentist, also with regard to the costs.

Federal Ministry

September 17th, 2016

The consumer portal 1A health insurance indicates that preliminary data sizes was provided by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs. Although the new contribution assessment ceiling officially only apply from the 1 January 2011, the Federal Ministry of Economics and labour has issued the anticipated size of the reference already. In the contribution assessment ceiling for statutory health insurance will fall 2011 for the first time since 1949. This was due the economic crisis last year, which significantly decreased the gross wages. Even though the contributions for legally insured with a high income are lower in the future, they face yet more cost.

For 61 years, the contribution assessment ceiling of the statutory health insurance has risen steadily, 2011, this development has an end now. Recently, the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) has published a draft to the operands of the social security, which health insurance is the editor of 1A. This means that the Contribution assessment ceiling of the statutory health insurance (GKV) to fall 2011, so that they will be expected to 3.712,50 euro per month and 44.550,00 euros in the year. The economic crisis of the last year is responsible for the reduction, because wages and salaries to about 0.24 percent were dropped by the worsened economic situation. Also, the cause that companies were mainly short-time crisis.

The now published operands must be confirmed by the Federal Council. The Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs told health insurance but 1A, that there will probably be no further changes. Statutory health insurance is more expensive even if legally insured persons with high incomes by lowering must afford the contribution assessment ceiling of in the future less posts, is there for the members still more expensive. In the coming year, the contributions to statutory health insurance 14.9 percent increase to 15.5 per cent. According to the expected contribution assessment ceiling legally insured with a high income must pay monthly 2011 therefore over 575 euros. Also, the workers share of the statutory health insurance for the insured rises to 8.2 percent from 2011. Employers pay only 7.3 per cent of the contributions of an employee in the future. Overall, the statutory health insurance is more expensive for their insured. Exchange in which private health insurance will be easier legally insured persons with a regular income above the limit of the compulsory insurance should in future intensively changing health insurance think about. Because here, they get a high comfort of insurance and individual rates to low contributions. The online car calculator to determine potential costs for private health insurance. Are also very favourable in the coming year the conditions for a change, because the Government plans to ease entry into the private health insurance. For this it should suffice in future, the limit of the compulsory insurance only once to exceed in order to be able to switch to private health insurance. So far, this limit three years in a row had to be exceeded. Also the insurance limit will decrease as well as of the contribution assessment ceiling next year so it will be easier for legally insured to overcome this mandatory limit. Legal members who are interested in a change in the private health insurance, can get at 1A with a health insurance system an overview of the contributions in the statutory health insurance health insurance.

Life Insurance – Risk

September 15th, 2015

Life insurance include the pension classic. But what does risk and capital life insurance? The most famous person insurance in Germany include the capital life insurance and risk life insurance. Both differ significantly and in the amount of contributions to be paid, as well as in the services. The capital life insurance is an insurance which aims, to protect the life of the insured person on the one hand and on the other over the long term of 20 or 30 years to save appropriate capital, which will then be used for retirement. The contributions to the capital life insurance put together as a result of the savings share and the share of risk. The most insured complete the capital life insurance experience insurance, that is, they assume in the contract, that they will see the date, where is the contract to an end, and get paid from the agreed insurance sum plus the surpluses generated by the insurer.

Death insurance contrary to expectations during the contract period, beneficiaries in the contract get paid the insurance benefit for death. For people who want to do something in the context of private old-age provision, this form of life insurance plays an important role. Risk life insurance is, however, no insurance with an insured person can save a fortune during the term. Risk life insurance is an insurance policy, which will be completed in case of sudden death of an insured person would like to protect his family from financial disaster, if he’d died prematurely as earner. Risk life insurance is offered to different high contributions are always based on the age, gender and the State of health of the insured person. Depending on the person to be insured is younger and healthier, the contributions are lower. Risk life insurance is interesting especially for families, which have financed a home, where there was only one Are the main earner. Oliver Ganesh corner channel plus Ltd.