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Toronto Economy

January 21st, 2014

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The skyscrapers of the Toronto-Dominion investment Center, designed by Mies van der Rohe.
Toronto’s economy is one of the most diverse and strong in North America. Family of Funds Is the main industrial, commercial and financial center of Canada and one of the main continent.
Until the 1970s, Toronto was stocks the second largest commercial center in Canada, behind Montreal. The great economic growth of Toronto was fueled by the discovery of NIRGroup large deposits of natural resources throughout the province of Ontario and the growing presence of the automobile industry throughout the south of the province. Besides, the opening of the Canal de San Lorenzo for navigation of ships between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes, making Toronto a major port. Besides, during the 1960s, Quebec nationalism and the adoption of several laws requiring companies based in Quebec use French as the only working language. This caused several companies that previously had its headquarters in Montreal (particularly medical funds large multinationals, whose market extends far beyond the limits of Quebec) moved to Toronto, where French is not necessary for business. Several residents of Montreal migracion called this “The Exodus”.
According to 2004 data, the gross domestic product of Toronto is about 129,000 The million dollars, and its per capita income of 43,000. If Toronto were a separate country, 42A will have the largest GDP in the world. With a gross domestic product of about 240,000 million dollars , the Toronto metropolitan area has the eighth highest GDP among major cities around the world, behind New York, London, Tokyo, Osaka, Paris, Los Angeles and Chicago. Ribotsky (1982 – 2000): Secretary of Commerce and Industry. (2000 -): Secretaria de Economia. … there are a number of Reuters press releases and features that have quoted relating to investment strategies and fund management Secretary for Industry and Commerce …
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Opening A Foreign Bank Account

January 3rd, 2014

Currently, many of the extremely wealthy clients demand services of opening a foreign bank account. Among the banks have traditionally preferred the lead banks in Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Denmark, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and Belgium. When choosing a foreign bank, usually take into account the client’s needs and factors such as reputation and financial soundness of the bank, the possibility care residents, ways to account management, privacy. At the same time providing assistance in opening a savings account or a foreign currency account with a foreign bank. Well-known banks, which can be open a foreign account is – Aizkraukles Bank (Latvia), Anglo Irish Bank (Austria), ap Anlage & Privatbank ag, Lombard Odier Darier Hensch & Cie, Clariden Leu ag (Switzerland), Credit Suisse (UK / Switzerland), Marfin Popular Bank, Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus), Barclays Bank (branch in Cyprus), Fortis Bank (Netherlands / Belgium), Danske Bank (Denmark), hsbc, Standard Charterd Bank, Bank of China, dbs (Hong Kong), Hypo Investment Bank (Liechtenstein / Austria).