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October 14th, 2015

Traditionally one has thought that the money and the spirit do not have anything to do, several of my teachers have let to me see that the money is a very spiritual energy more after many years as soon as understanding, here I share to you more of this. S.A. just as I had been thinking that the money and the spirit do not have anything to do today I want decirte that on the contrary the true wealth, the money will take that you to the fullness intimately is related and more in these times. Service: One are two ways to make money is by means of giving a useful, real service and authentic and another one is by means of deceiving, robbing and to make an evil in the world thus has be when always and more now very many of the great fortunes by it displeases are based on second ex. : The industry of the petroleum that everything what it has done is to deteriorate to our beautiful planet and why? to only create nonreal needs to us. So the question forced here would be by which of the ways you it would like to make money? And yes you are doing already it in Which of the ways you are? , surely you will be responsible for the way of the good service del to me that it is in the correct thing, the one that does not rob the one that does not deceive and that good! It brings back to consciousness:

Perhaps we are sure that our route to make money is the appropriate one, I want invitarte more to reflect and to request answers to your Divinity (Your BETTER I), I want to tell a brief history to you, years ago I had a patient to which we will call Raul to respect its identity, it was on the verge of being dismissed of a great company of course with a very good indemnification and contracted my services because she had much insecurity to undertake an own business since always she had been used, we worked very it last in its car security and it obtained if it conquered the security that needed to start its own business and when I asked to him of which platic was going to be the business me its heading and was totally anti ecological and it already had everything, and said to him that of no way it could be dedicated to which was going to be totally karmatico meaning that yes it did perhaps was to him well more than with time it would see that he had not been the best thing for its life, of course became angry much then it was or decided to do it, it did not even listen to me no longer returned consults and after years I found out that or not even this business existed and that it had returned to be employed..

Google Key

October 8th, 2015

So it tries to select to two words or phrases keys that are most excellent for their business, they do not have to be vague, they must be exact and they must define its business. Once it has selected its two better phrases of words key the following step consists of realising some improvements in its page of beginning. Step 2: The following very important step is the content of its Web site, as already I said in a previous article, the content is king. In the world of the motors search, to manage to have a cathedral positioning Web in finders, the key words or phrases, they must be strategically placed in its page Web. In order to convince to Google that its content is highly excellent, it must use the suitable key words, and that are what the people really are looking for. At the most they stand out, better. It considers that and the first most important thing for the motors search, is the clients.

Thus it is as it can secure to a fast cathedral positioning Web in finders: Colocar the key words in its dominion, Incluir the key word in the part superior of the page, Can emphasize the letters of its key word, ex. Bold, cursive, color etc Instead of to have a bond to another page that says ” It clicks here to read more, ” It tries to include its key words, for example, ” It reads more on our cathedral in Internet. An important suggestion is also to include these key words, in your code HTML ” it labels of ttulo”. You use the management system of content to make these changes same. Once he has fit his main page, it is necessary to add new content, such as detailed descriptions than you offer, frequent questions and informative articles on its products and services. Also it is good for considering that the motors search only can read text, nonphotos. Often the developers Web, inlay words in images to impress to the visitors of the Web site, and use the Flash to see the animation, but this is a serious obstacle for the motors search.

Step 3: the bonds or connect from another Web site to the Web site (not from its same Web site) are considered by the motors search as a vote of popularity for their business, and will improve their ranking. For the cathedral positioning Web in finders which counts it is quality, nonamount of the connections. The other sites of the Web with that has connections must excellent and be respected within their own niches. How I control my results? To supervise its ranking in Google consists of writing the chosen key words in the picture search, and will be able to see its position, will be able to see and also to understand what terms use the visitors, in the search to find its Web site. The previous process must repeat for each page of the Web site. It remembers to maintain the update of his content and continuously to increase to the number from bonds to his Web site. When seeing as its ranking raises, side as the traffic of its page grows Web, and a substantial increase in the sales. It remembers, the cathedral in Internet is necessary to position its pages, and of step to save something of money.