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The American

December 9th, 2017

Other technological innovations had been also used in agriculture and cattle American, what it resulted in improvements in the culture of the land and the genetic improvement of the flocks. These agricultural transformations had favored the magnifying of setordo domestic market. As the agricultural production if expanded with the tencologicas innovations, the United States passed for considerable economic growth. The American industrial revolution was in this way, result of the agroindstria, the equipment production and for the integration of the North American regions for the railroads. Which asseguravamescoamento of the products in the domestic market. The American industrial revolution was resulted of the textile industry perfected by the same ones.

The siderurgical revolution, the industries mecnicasmetalrgicas and of good of consumption in growth, ' ' they had raised the productivity of the production factors, and had consisted in the most important factor of North American economic development opened highways for all American territory, promoted improvements in the fluvial transport, with the steam navegation. Such improvements had become economic dynamic the regional ones of the country, a time queelas made possible the regional integration between the same ones. The revolutions in the transport, the industry and agriculture had favored sobremaneirao external commerce. Intense industrialization, exceeded the agriculture, which up to 1808, was the main source of wealth of the country. In the period of the one after-guerrase it gave to the consolidation of the great financial groups. The banks had increased its patrimony exploring agriculture with the collection of weighed interests, which were invested in the industries. Almdisso, the industries, the company railroad charged high prices for the stockage of the product, as well as proves agricultural production for low prices. 3 – Importance of the exporting base As well as England, in the United States the importations were financed by the exportations. Between 1860 and 1910, the North American exportations generated a great surplus in the payment rocking.