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Chile Apunalo

November 13th, 2016

The day that Chile stabbed in the back to Argentina in the war of Las Malvinas published in the newspaper La Razon from Lima-Peru, on December 4, 2009 why the Argentine press described in 1982 to the neighboring country to the South as the Cain of America? Ricardo Sanchez-Serra (**) I remember this titular (Cain of America Chile) newspaper Clarin of Buenos Aires, when Chile had abstained from the meeting to implement the Inter-American Treaty of reciprocal assistance (TIAR), after recovery the 2 April 1982 – Falkland Islands by Argentina and the war with Great Britain. And it is that Chile, despite being declared neutral, openly helped Great Britain, i.e., stabbed in the back to the Argentines. As scoop I can mention that, working in the Embassy of Argentina in Lima, it was revealed that the modern destroyer HMS Exeter (in service since September 1980) crossed in mid-April 1982 – the Panama canal into the Islands South and Sandwich South Georgia recovered on April 3, 1982 by the Argentines. The funny thing is that, the British then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, to hide the Chilean support, had lied to the British and international media saying that HMS Exeter sailed through the waters of the Atlantic, with the purpose of taking the aforementioned Islands. The truth is as follows: HMS Exeter, still more than 200 miles from the Peruvian coasts, asked permission to the Peruvian Government to fill their tanks with gasoline (as Argentines call gasoline) in the port of Paita in the North Peruvian-, being denied authorization. The same happened when he was in the outskirts of Callao, so he had to navigate to 14 knots per hour, a speed considered savings, in order to reach Arica, where the Chilean Government was not missing more – gave him the facilities, then also refuel in Punta Arenas and from there go to attack back on the South Georgia Islandsachieving the garrison surrenders Argentina under the command of Captain AA Alfredo Astiz, the 25th of the same month.

Babylonian Agreement Layout

November 6th, 2016

Experience shows that all the unforeseen and extraordinary events are random, and the damage from these events is impossible to predict. It is also noticed that the number of those who interested in insurance, it is often more than the victims of various disasters. Under such conditions, the uniform layout of loss among stakeholders significantly ameliorate the effects of natural disasters and other hazards. In this case, the more participants involved in the layout of damage, the less funds have to invest each participant to compensate for damages. So there was insurance, which essentially amounts to solidary layout of loss among parties to the agreement.

Insurance held a number of stages of development. Mutual aid. Initial forms of insurance were a natural character. The oldest insurance rules, which have reached We are set in one of the books of the Talmud. Thus, the Talmud prescribed in case one of the drovers the asses animal perished, the rest of the mahouts to allocate it to replace another donkey, but not money. Similar agreements were concluded in and Syria in case of case, pick apart by wild beasts, theft or disappearance of an ass of anyone of the participants in the caravan. The laws of the Babylonian king Hammurabi (II millennium BC) provides for the conclusion agreement between the drovers and merchants sharing losses that might occur in transit due to an attack of robbers, a case of camels, stealing, etc. Thus, even in those days was laid collective mutual aid, and most importantly – was laid down an important principle of insurance – it should not be an enrichment.