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Publications Office

May 20th, 2016

After this authorization vLex incorporates into its database on the Internet more than 300 books on various legal topics community: approach to laws, treaties, agreements and community conventions, community case-law, Community law, fundamental rights, and justice and Home Affairs. This content includes works in all the languages of the European Union. VLex users may consult documents in French, Spanish, English or German, among other languages. With this addition to your source of doctrine, the legal vLex platform incorporates new value to a database that stands out in the market by the quality and quantity of its content. Thus, practitioners of the legal sector, as well as the academic, economic and professional world will have an inexhaustible source of interrelated and updated documents.

The Office for official publications of the European Community (Publications Office) is the Publisher of European Union (EU). As a Publisher, the Office of Publications has duty to provide excellent quality service to their customers (the departments responsible for the institutions and other bodies of the European Union) and the public (citizens of the European Union and the world anyone interested in European Affairs). In terms of new technologies, is the duty of the Publications Office stand at the forefront of the publishing world. The Office offers a range of online services that allow access on the one hand, to the whole of Community legislation (EUR-LEX); publications (EU Bookshop); design contests (TED) and research and development (CORDIS) of the European Union. More information about the European Agency in:. Europe. EU about vLex vLex (www.

vlex. com) is an innovative Spanish company that offers legal information services on the Internet through its overall platform multi-language search and navigation. It currently has a database with information from 95 countries. The importance of vLex products is due to the fact that everything is interconnected and is updated daily. The product catalog includes the most large database of legal doctrine, published on the Internet, with extensive databases of law, jurisprudence, contracts, models and news, as well as collective agreements.

Office Furniture And Comfortable Workplace

May 20th, 2016

A key component of any workplace is office furniture and office desk directly. Tables come in different varieties of completely different styles, and when there is a question of choosing the table for the workplace, there the need to address the specific needs and requirements manager, staff. For a small company in a small space suit small and at the same time functional table that can be put in the corner during a seminar in the study. Here he will stand, no one disturbing, and fulfill its destiny. For some executives, particularly large, solid and expensive desk not only sets them apart from the rest employees, but also a symbol of their special status, and sometimes even intimidating his subordinates. Such desks are often made to order.

However, for the common man, fortunately, relatively hard to find the appropriate table for the workplace. The main thing that the basic needs and udosbstvo workplace for staff have been satisfied. Many furniture manufacturers are offering cabin style office furniture, which consists of panels that separate the jobs into small modules. These types of modules are the ideal solution for small spaces, they allow the employee normally move around and have enough space for all that keeps employee privacy, and yet contains everything you need to focus on work. Furniture manufacturers are well aware that a standard set of office furniture (desk, bookcase, chair, etc.), many have already become boring.

Therefore, many furniture manufacturers, helping customers make choices and thus find a standard solution for the creation of individual office style. And, accordingly, make the workplace place as pleasant as possible. If the workplace is as pleasing to the eye, that is a good chance that people will work in a positive way. Cabin style office furniture has a chance is considered one of the most boring conditions, which resides office staff. But this defect can be solved dizaynerskim way. Studies have shown that people respond positively to certain colors, the presence of plants, wide aisles between the furniture, which seem to be more open. Many designers take into account the psychological effect – the color can affect the brain activity of people. Office furniture should not be relegated to the straight lines and sharp catch. At the present time, the curves and bevelled edges gradually come into fashion and create your own style workplace. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, office furniture should be taken into account not only the mental health needs of employees, but also their physical health. Most people who work in offices, eight or more hours a day sitting in one place. These hours stretched forever, if the employee is in an awkward position. Therefore special attention should be paid to Office chairs and table. Chairs should be adjustable and have support for tired backs. Office desk should have enough space at the bottom for legs.

The Usual

May 19th, 2016

They do not need. Sex, they provided one way or another, children are adults and do not require care, life is good. Besides, life has a certain flow, a woman has certain habits, and marriage in this age – the refusal of the usual (which is hard), but because my husband can be (and usually are), children and even grandchildren, and you have to shoulder the burden more and this (though a little laundry men's socks!). And they say: "Beautiful, well earns, all she has a young lover … married? Yes, she does not want to! Why?. " Interestingly, this view is supported also by the free women over forty. They say their friends, acquaintances and relatives that his marriage absolutely not necessary. Perechislyayuttysyachu reasons against marriage, talk about their wonderful life in which there is absolutely no room for her husband.

Psychologists who specialize in the psychology of marriage and family, usually turn out beautiful self-sufficient women over forty, fully secured financially, to raise children with her lover. And the problem is the same: help to get married! These women go to psychologists, magicians, fortune tellers and psychics. They grab at any straw. They very much want to get married. While the children grew up about marriage do not think so – my thoughts were occupied by others. In addition, it was necessary to ensure that the most notorious self-sufficiency, it was necessary to make a career, earn money, etc., etc. But now children are grown, and what remained the woman? Beautiful, self-reliant, clever. In fact – with nothing. In the evenings, she returns to an empty apartment – and it is very, very cold emotionally. If she lives with children, in some respects it is even harder: the grown-up children their interests, their social circle in which the mother is not very fit, in fact, they may already have their own families.

How To Publish A Book

May 18th, 2016

Well, I have left ten minutes before force me not to think about my novels up within two weeks. The reason: exams, three, philosophy, modern history and Linguistics. So, before I forget, I’m going to put in writing how I have prepared all the shebang to leave list my novel written in your name for publication in different formats. Firstly, on the web site of I have uploaded the document in pdf. By four eurytus you can download the complete novel but you can also take a look at more than 100 free pages. Dismissed also sell the book in because I have come to the conclusion that neither nor nor similar ones are platforms for publishing a book for others but for the subsistence of the authors themselves (test no. 1: I’ve been waiting for my copy of the book to correct that I created on in early December, it will reach me?; test no. 2).: the printout you get infinitely more expensive than if the dictate in a print shop, where are then your business, sell or print?).

To create the pdf: 1.-models your novel in Word with the configuration that you indicate in your templates. Realize that you are going to create a pdf and, therefore, should not have too many pages blank and the more simple best. Choose a big boy letter size (12 points) and a little beribboned format (Arial, Times New Roman, Gandara, etc.). If you are using MS Word, you have to pass the file to PDF. I used a free program, blessed passionate programmers, CutePDF Writer.

Here you have to be careful with the size. You have to choose well, that matches the size you chose in Word with the page. If it is customized (13 21 cm, for example), you must use the custom size of PostScript option to scale to the size of the paper.


May 15th, 2016

How to choose the suitable offer among all offers adsl and cable available in Spain. There are a lot of offers from internet access in Spain. Know how to choose most appropriate to our interests and pockets can be complicated it.There are a number of factors that we must take into account to decide correctly. Let’s look at the factors to consider when choosing an offer ADSL or cable:-price: great deals with striking prices come to our eyes but are those amounts offered are really going to pay?. The answer is NO. Providers in their ads often show trimmed prices that do not contain VAT or line fee. On the other hand, these prices are usually offers storms that do not correspond with the final price that must be paid monthly once the promotion ends.

-Speed: We have to weigh up whether we really need the higher speeds or if on the contrary only we need a fairly fast connection. You will need a high speed connection if you usually tend to download or upload large files to the network, playing online (and not I mean flash games) or perform videoconferencing. Otherwise do not make use of a high speed line contract. -Promotions: Are usually released very succulent promotions that can make us save enough money during the first months or even the first year. It must be attentive to them. -ADSL or cable: in principle by cable connections provide a service of more quality but its coverage is more limited. -Quality of service: is the company that we have chosen committed to the quality of your service? do comply with the promised speeds? The Internet is our ally when it comes to know and weigh these factors because there are pages that make this comparison easy. Resources: Comparative comparative adsl adsl can meet all final prices all offers ADSL and cable of Spanish area with their respective promotions and ratings. Original author and source of the article.

Offices Temporary

May 11th, 2016

The value of the ideas of entrepreneurs. The joining of forces to support innovation. Create or rent additional and friendly environments (such as temporary offices on lofts) an option for companies and entrepreneurs the crisis which we live is not a new fact in advanced societies. Economic cycles have been, are and will be a reality with which we must live. It is a price to progress.

The story reminds so us. In these difficult times, however experts clarify these black bumps and gain advantages and opportunities of the crisis. One of them is surfaced and accommodate entrepreneurs that if not for these turbulent times possibly never, they would have decided to take a step forward with his GROUNDBREAKING ideas. 8 March 2010 from Brussels this sense creates a commitment at European level to give funding to all new projects, which involve a novelty for the industry in all its facets and are an engine for job creation. If the idea is viable will be provided the necessary means to be able to create the infrastructure, buy or equipment rental, offices and even for the recruitment of staff. All these projects require an innovative IDEA, courage by those who promote it, a plan of action and counting with elements facilitators for those needs essential in the new draft, although those media not bring him value in the strict sense. New projects require resources, material, professional tips, space, offices, etc.

in the development of the plan development and implementation, which passes these stages are not necessary for the future. One of the obstacles is usually the first investment by entrepreneurs in their offices or the needs of the companies to expand their facilities. Every day more, and especially in these times of crisis entrepreneurs and companies resort to renting of offices as well as the skills of professionals not to be unemployed before an idea of innovation.

Gardening: The Generic Term For Garden Accessories

May 11th, 2016

A well-stocked garden shop should understand to cover all areas of the garden needs high-quality and exclusive garden accessories for the garden needs. The term gardening means everything to use garden accessories, garden furniture, Sun umbrellas, garden equipment, garden houses up to flower pots of all kinds. Gardening in exclusive and high-quality range offers the garden center the ball of Roses: beautiful garden in Berlin Dahlem. English garden gazebo and Arbor benches of various designs Crown the lovingly landscaped grounds as well, processed from teak wood garden furniture by Walker. This series products sustainably fulfils every wish for cosiness. Also the garden decor goes hand in hand with the gardening.

The more comfort in the garden provide beautiful garden torches, and nice braziers for the firing of wood. The hospitality of friends and acquaintances with fresh grilled meat and vegetables on Pan Grill becomes a perfect models of Artepuro Experience. The children need to come in the garden even at their own expense, therefore there are very nice pedal cars by BAGHERA high game and a fun factor. Children can enjoy themselves casually and over hours itself, which also very much like the parents. Maybe the children want to help actively their parents of gardening. Here are designed garden tools for “Children” available in size and weight.

What can bring more fun than working with the parents and their own friends together in the garden. Friends and lovers of the domestic bird population as fully get their money. The songbirds in the garden offer a wide range of different nesting and feeding houses a central food court, and a safe nesting habitat. Many more feeding stations complement the possibility of food intake of all birds. Butterfly houses achieve the same effect in different models. All of these high-quality products, which can be found under the concept of gardening, can the ball of roses in the Garden Center be ordered online. The orders are very easy to perform after registration. There is no minimum order value. From 50 Euro order value the shipping costs inside of Germany. Raisa OWL Creek, Dipl. ok., MBA the ball of Roses: beautiful garden