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Offices Temporary

May 11th, 2016

The value of the ideas of entrepreneurs. The joining of forces to support innovation. Create or rent additional and friendly environments (such as temporary offices on lofts) an option for companies and entrepreneurs the crisis which we live is not a new fact in advanced societies. Economic cycles have been, are and will be a reality with which we must live. It is a price to progress.

The story reminds so us. In these difficult times, however experts clarify these black bumps and gain advantages and opportunities of the crisis. One of them is surfaced and accommodate entrepreneurs that if not for these turbulent times possibly never, they would have decided to take a step forward with his GROUNDBREAKING ideas. 8 March 2010 from Brussels this sense creates a commitment at European level to give funding to all new projects, which involve a novelty for the industry in all its facets and are an engine for job creation. If the idea is viable will be provided the necessary means to be able to create the infrastructure, buy or equipment rental, offices and even for the recruitment of staff. All these projects require an innovative IDEA, courage by those who promote it, a plan of action and counting with elements facilitators for those needs essential in the new draft, although those media not bring him value in the strict sense. New projects require resources, material, professional tips, space, offices, etc.

in the development of the plan development and implementation, which passes these stages are not necessary for the future. One of the obstacles is usually the first investment by entrepreneurs in their offices or the needs of the companies to expand their facilities. Every day more, and especially in these times of crisis entrepreneurs and companies resort to renting of offices as well as the skills of professionals not to be unemployed before an idea of innovation.

Voz Interior

May 16th, 2014

When this fact is seen in the cards of the tarot and clairvoyance is about leave mundane life behind, of all days, without necessarily identifying us with her allowing that voice guides us did things that allow us to fullness and satisfaction. All decks of Tarot speak of our inner, that hidden but intuitive part is the astral body and the energy being. By consulting the cards of the tarot or the clairvoyance we have the possibility of completely transforming our active energies, seeing step by step what is what is best for us and what they should leave behind. The letters teach us to accept the new situation that the inner voice pushes us to take and usually give us guidelines for dealing with situations which together with the new generated energies is safe which to certain upcoming events are going to give us the deserved fate. Many times we have so much mental traffic, which we only find questions and do not manage to have answers and it is then when the tarot or the clairvoyance are willing to serve us of Guide, which does not mean that the answer is not within us. It is very clear when we follow our voice or internal call. The tarot will in this case be a good travel companion, but we must be aware of what we want from now and what they must discard, only then we will be witnesses to a circulation of the Tarot cards where be realised once rather than letters transmitted through energy what our inner voice tells us that many times does not want to hear. Berta de la Torre original author and source of the article