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Gift Ideas

January 8th, 2013

You have repeatedly quarreled in childhood due to a favorite toy or attention of parents. But, anyway, my sister – your loved one. And the approaching holiday I want to make her a nice gift. Do you know what? Read – there is Answers. And so, your sister – a subtle representative of the fair sex, adoring cosmetics, perfume and fashion news? To begin with, if possible, review her wardrobe. Maybe she's already hinted at what he wants to get when you looked through a glossy magazine together or go shopping? If she trusts your choice and is not afraid that you will lose "her style" when buying clothes or accessories, feel free to go to the store! Want give her a nice dress or blouse out that fascinating? Remember that thing sit on the figure depending on the tissue from which the cross-linked, and that brands are the same size in different ways.

For example, the American S-ka will be larger than the European. So purchase what exactly sure, or try to lure her sister into the store, she tried on that thing. In this regard, giving much more convenient accessories than clothes: nice pick tippet to match her pretty blouse or search for a solution to its bright costumes. By the way, will reveal a secret: even a small gift, bought at her favorite store and put in a bag with a brand name, can please more than anything more. Well, found? No? Go to the perfume! Ahhh …

Some British Traditions

December 19th, 2012

To appease the spirits, the inhabitants of villages and small towns kindled in the streets Bonfires and exhibited various treats. And in this day of harvest chose the most beautiful pumpkins to turn them into lamps. Removed from the fruit of a heart, carved on the walls of the eyes, nose and mouth, and inside the resulting head inserted a lighted candle. All this construction is called a Jack-o-lanterns (Jack-Lantern) and is a reminder about the hero of Irish legend, who managed to cheat the devil and keep him from his soul. But life is not sinful Jack allowed to go to heaven, and the Day of Judgement he must roam the world, illuminating a path made of pumpkins and lanterns.

Ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation, and even after treatment of Ireland, Britain and France in Christian Celts did not forget about the holiday end of the summer and early winter. Return to active celebration of Halloween was in the IX century, when Pope Gregory III announced the transfer of All Saints' Day from May 13 to November 1. The Night Before holiday called All Hallows Even (Evening All Saints), or abbreviated – Halloween. Now Halloween is one of the most popular European holiday, was celebrated in Russia. Young people gladly took the opportunity to don the costumes of ghosts, monsters and other evil characters, fun at parties, and, of course, to present your loved ones unique gifts. The most popular souvenirs for Halloween are different variations on a theme pumpkin.