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Government Garages In Moscow

June 1st, 2021

Prices for these garages start at 150 thousand rubles, reaching the mark of 500. Choosing this option should evaluate a number of risks associated with this type of garage First. Land in Moscow going up by leaps and bounds and not looking at it in a free (or not) is an acute shortage of space. In this regard, the Government Moscow, with the support of representatives of the bourgeoisie and the hook is not true struggle for the liberation of the new areas to build shopping malls and other lucrative infrastructure of the city. Accordingly, many cheap apartment for sale, often located in areas where the fate is sealed. Therefore, before buying the garage should be checked, and not for demolition in the near future whether the intended area of the hsc. This information often can be found in the prefecture.

The second risk choosing a garage of a class is safety. Most often, in such a garage, a group of anti-theft vehicle consists of a grandfather retired armed handle collection Scanwords. Here you need reasonable approach to the question of sufficient and necessary level of security. F Araj in multi-storey parking garage (box, closed parking place) almost always have a good legal foundation and an adequate level of protection. Most often it is well established businesses with a staff of maintenance personnel, a platoon of guards, traffic system and as a consequence of high-performance expenditure (from 200 to 1000 rubles per month). The cost of such tidbits ranging from 800 thousand to 1.5 million rubles.

Department Motorsport

May 31st, 2021

It was on her Roberto Ravaglia (Roberto Ravaglia) became a world champion 'Ring' in 1987, as well as European champion in 1988. All in all the development, called 'BMW M3 E30', collected about 17,900 copies of approximately 10 modifications, and on unconfirmed reports, 1,430 victories in various competitions. Over 15 years of existence, 'BMW Motorsport' seriously expanded: if in 1972 the firm with a staff of 8 people took the corner in one of the buildings 'BMW AG', then in 1988, the number of employees reached 400. Near Munich, the company has built its own factory that produces cars with the logo '/ / / M'. In 1992, the structure of the 'BMW Motorsport GmbH' introduced another direction, engaged in road cars: 'BMW Individual', whose functions are to design commissioned by interior and exterior of cars bmw.

Similar structures have brought in their own 'Mercedes-Benz' ('Designo') and 'Audi' ('quattro'). And next year the company name changed to 'BMW M GmbH': indeed, its functions have long gone beyond motorsport, and the logo '/ / / M' has become a symbol of high-road vehicles and accessories. Dalton Philips may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Firm 'BMW Motorsport GmbH' was originally created in order to confirm the potential of bmw models in the field of motorsport. In this case, thanks to the constant pursuit of excellence has soon been achieved impressive success both domestically and abroad. In addition, over the years created a unique 'know-how', which is increasingly used in other parts of the enterprise. The company eventually expanded and now consists of the following commercially independent units: 'BMW M Automobiles', 'BMW Individual', 'BMW Driver Training'. Subject of 'BMW M Automobiles' (or, in German, 'BMW M Fahrzeuge') – development and production of special versions of the cars on the basis of 'Series 3', 'Series 5' models 'Z3', etc.

'BMW Individual' complements the extensive range of products bmw, implementing a unique variant configuration in relation to the vehicle of the customer. 'BMW Driver Training' driver training to drive the M-series. In addition, in the depths of 'BMW M GmbH', there are special operating orders of other companies within the group 'BMW AG', as well as third-party companies. For example, the motors for the model 'E31 850CSi', 'Z8', 'McLaren F1' – the development of 'BMW M'. Of course, not left unattended motor racing. The structure of the company in early 1990 was created a separate company 'BMW Motorsport International', in 1996 and is registered in the uk 'BMW Motorsport Ltd., England'. Guide racing projects 'BMW AG' carries a former pilot 'Formula 1' Gerhard Berger (Gerhard Berger). Under his leadership and in cooperation with the 'Team Schnitzer' in 1999, 'BMW AG' wins at Le Mans. Technical Director – Paul Roche. Company 'BMW Motorsport Ltd., England' is based, despite the name, not only in Britain but also in Germany. Near Munich work unit of Marketing and engine, in the uk, next to the 'definable' possessions Frank Williams (Frank Williams), available in the Department of Finance and designing racing cars: in 2000, "Bavarian Motor Factory 'after a long break back at' F1 'as a supplier of engines for team 'Williams'.

World Wide Web

February 25th, 2014

Case 1. Person to whom it happened, let's call Ivan. Broken once by Ivan automatic transmission, but not just broken, but quite out of order: first the back is no longer included, and then all other transmission. Ivan lived in a small provincial town, a car he had for those places very often, so repair or replace the unit in his native city, was not possible. This led to Ivan expanses of the World Wide Web.

Looked, searched and found! "Yes there is! In stock! For just two cents! For the week to come your automatic transmission – it's a girl at the end of the phone from Moscow advertising cheered our Ivan. Joy that soon forget public transportation, but still so cheap, motorist translated "contact" (who do not know, it's such a quick transfer to a private person.) certain amount of money and waited patiently. We had to wait is not long. Two days after money transfer, Ivan called the manager, who promised automatic. He said that the gearbox, which was with them in stock, not for his car, supposedly, when they were preparing to send her, rubbed gasoline plate with the model Automatic number And oh God the room through the rust eclipsed two extra digits. Manager apologized and said that he should box is going to him directly from the U.S., but you still pay. Ivan thought: the divorce of some sort, would have been to take money, but he was told that his money was already in America, that they paid for the box and politely hinted that a return would be a very long time.