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Calendars Of Office

November 30th, 2012

Calendars of office For companies, scholastic offices, centers, sanitary centers customized calendars 2011 are a great idea to shine them of a glad and informal way. In these last months of the year he is frequent and habitual that the companies, banks, publishing houses, send great distances of this type of products to cover the demand that exists, and this way to be able to cover the needs that exist. The products star are the calendars, as much table calendars, customized calendars of wall, calendars. These last ones are the best one positioned by many companies to shine the photo of the group in the calendar. This form is the best way to homenajear to the personnel of the group, by its effort, dedication and commitment with the company.

In Gupost we know of what we spoke because we do also it every year. We every year shine proud our calendar with the group printed in him. It is for that reason the importance of our press online, where we exhibited great amount of products pamphlet impression, impression of flyers . The customized calendars can have different sizes following the needs from the client. They are in the families where greater height is having this type of calendars. Where we are the parents those that we chose the photos that we want to show the grandparents and rest of the family.

Office Excel

November 24th, 2012

The adopted criteria of inclusion had been: to be registered in the course, to be present in the act of the collection of data, to participate freely of the research and to sign a Term of Free and Clarified Assent. Not frequent academics had been excluded, with license of health or gestation and all the item that had not been adjusted to the inclusion criteria. The analysis descriptive statistics of the gotten data was carried through in the Microsoft program Office Excel 2003, used for edition of tables and Software SPSS version 13.0 for the Windows. RESULTS AND QUARREL Searching proportionality and counting on the free contribution and the availability of the interviewed ones, it was gotten participation of 35 (71.4%) students of feminine sort and 14 (28.6%) of the masculine sort. Through this study it was possible to observe the knowledge measured by means of auto-evaluation of the interviewed ones.

Of the total of participants, 64.6% (n=31) consider sufficients the information that they judge to possess on DST' s/AIDS. While 35.4% consider that its knowledge is medium. Showing that the majority of the academics possesss knowledge on DST' s AIDS. When questioned in relation to the forms of transmission of virus HIV, great majority (95.9%; n=47) of the participants the forms of transmission of virus HIV had affirmed to know all, and a small parcel (4.1%; n=4) affirmed not to know all the transmission forms. Being thus, qualification of the professional futures of health in relation to the DST' s/AIDS is a necessity so that these adopt measured of self-protection. Moreover, such information also contribute for practical its while future professionals of the health, preventing themselves prejudiced and estigmatizantes attitudes to the clientele with DST' s/AIDS (BRAZIL, 1997). The knowledge of the academics concerning the etiolgicos agents of some DST&#039 was evaluated; s as Sfilis and Candidase.


November 17th, 2012

Gimp Open (frequently known as Open Office) are a suite free office automation (that includes tools like text processor, spreadsheet, presentations, tools for the vectorial drawing and data base. He is available for several platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X. Support numerous file formats. It includes the following functionalities: Writer is a text processor, similar to Microsoft Word, allows to export text files to formats pdf and HTML without additional software. Calc is a spreadsheet similar to Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3. Calc offers a series of nonpresent characteristics in Excel, including a system that, automatically defines series of graphs, on the base of the disposition of information of the user. Calc also can export spreadsheets for format pdf. Impress is a program of presentation similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

It can export presentations to the format SWF, allowing that reproduces in any computer with a reproducer of installed Flash. Also it includes the capacity to create archives pdf, and the capacity to read archives of Microsoft PowerPoint. Its original format is ODP. Base is a basic program of data similar to Microsoft Access. Base allows to the creation and handling of data bases, elaboration of forms and information that provide to the end users a easy access to the data. Draw is a publisher of vectorial graphs and tool of layout, comparable in characteristics to the first versions of Corel Draw, can export its creations to format pdf and to standard SVG Math it is an application designed for the creation and edition of mathematical formulas. The application uses a noticeable language of creating formulas. Unloadings Free? It travels free in the street car of Saragossa? MESSAGES FREE MOVISTAR BY INTERNET MESSAGES MOVISTAR FREE? The leaders are it jeopardize with the well-being programs? The best programs free for fans of the series.