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German Franz Beckembauer

May 28th, 2012

It was not in order to make a deeper pesquina, but I believe that the correct dictated one is ‘ ‘ wolf loses for, but it does not lose vio’ ‘ , but for it was costumou there to say ‘ ‘ wolf loses for, but it does not lose vcio’ ‘. Explained this, we go to the wolf that interests in this chronicle, one gentleman that was born in 9 of August of 1931, therefore it has 80 years, and it is nothing less than the winning greater of Pantries of the World of Soccer of the history of the match, that it started in 1930, in Uruguay, passed to be carried through of 4 in 4 years and it did not only occur in 42 and 46 because of the dullness of 2 World-wide War. New than, for happiness they had not yet needed to search in the Internet, go to remember this winning Sir, after all is frequent esportivos programs of national abrangncia to utilazarem you speak edited of them, as: ‘ ‘ He is strange! ‘ ‘ or ‘ ‘ There yes, we were surprised! ‘ ‘. If they had not yet killed the charada one, we go to speak today of the alagoano Carioca than it exists, Mrio Jorge Zagallo Wolf, simply the Old Wolf, only world-wide tetracampeo of soccer in fact and of right, therefore was in the Brazilian Election as player in the championships of 58 (Sweden) and 62 (Chile), as technician in 70 (Mexico) and as to assist technician in 94 (U.S.A.) Good we go to appeal the old and good Wikipdia to remember this legend of the world-wide soccer, that in 58 was modern left tip, that came back to help in the way of field, it used shirt 7, and acted in the attack with the future legends Pel and Garrincha. Its work of assisting in the lateral relieved it the nickname of Formiguinha and whenever it had a possibility was Zagallo in the attack there, leaving its goal. In the Botafogo of the River it played with astros as the proper Garrincha, Didi and Nilton Saints, that would follow also them in the Election. As player and champion in 58, Zagallo pleased as much that would be convoked for the Election of 62, of this time with shirt 21, was an apparent reserve, therefore it finished ordering for bank one them great astros of the time, the left tip Pepe, friend of Skin in the attack it Saints, resulted: world-wide bichampion the Zagallo player. In 66 (England), without Zagallo as player or as technician, Brazil failed.

In 70, the Old Wolf was the technician tricampeo, in the command of a wonderful teams with Skin, Rivellino, Jairzinho, Tosto, Piazza, Clodoaldo, Grson and Carlos Alberto Towers, among others craques. Zagallo would fail as technician in 74 (Germany), but would become the first and only world-wide tetracampeo in 94 (U.S.A.) as to assist technician of Carlos Alberto Vine arbor (that in 70 and composed the commission technique in Mexico). Up to 90, Zagallo withheld the mark of being in such a way the only player of the champion world to be world-wide for an Election as player as technician. The German Franz Beckembauer reached this in 74 (Germany) and 90 (Italy). Still on Zagallo all know of its setting for number 13, history that any hour we will count here.

Great Britain Way

May 27th, 2012

" This is recorded in piedra" , it said to the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Muddy. In fact, The EU and a hundred of countries already had sealed the measurement. Nevertheless, according to the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, who also welcomed with satisfaction the commitment of 2 C, " the results of the G8 are not suficientes". " What we needed is a medium term objective that guarantees to us that we go by good way to reach the objectives of 2050" , it indicated. The leaders of the G8 " they had a unique opportunity that could not become to presentar." This lack of in the future next commitment badly was received by the main emergent economies like Brazil President Barack Obama in the Summit indicated: We can construct our future or to leave they construct the events to it to the force – the American president said. We can allow that the discords the past divide to us or to recognize that we have interests and aspirations common and to try to work together to create a more prosperous world, clean and safe. I believe that in these last days we have realized of which it is the way that we must to follow For the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, the results of the summit of the G8 in the matter of fight against the global heating are " insuficientes" " The leaders of the G8 had a unique opportunity, that runs the risk of not returning to presentarse" , he said Go, that in particular laments the absence of commitments of half term by that nucleus of eight industrialized countries. The G8 (the USA, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada and Russia) represents 13% of the world-wide population, but 40% of the gas discharges of greenhouse effect.

Metropolitan Museum

May 19th, 2012

An accumulation of circumstances favored the intact consevacin of the tomb of Tutankamon, the alliance between nature and fortune along with a great rock that slid by the valley dnde was the look of the coffin to seal the tomb during thousands of years the young person Pharaoh that died to the early age of 19 years, affected by the ailment of Freiberg or Khler II and passed away because of the malaria, pertaining to the XVIII.dinastia he remained hidden until reaching the forgetfulness by its descendants and successors. He was the 4 of October of year 1922 when the British archaeologist Howard Carter accompanied by their sponsoring Lord Carnarvon after seven years search, in an expedition, gave with this appraised treasure, Accompanied by the photographer Harry Burton, ordered to immortalize those moments of the finding, at that time was the photographer of the Metropolitan Museum of the Art of New York, reason why it sent it to the Museum to realise the news article of the exumacin of the corpse of the young Pharaoh., given the embergadura of hallzago that they had to ask aid to the Museum after discovering the four cameras of the Pharaoh and but of five thousand objects to classify, to recover, to pack, to send to analyze, etc. In addition the work that it provides to him to Burton for the ten following years, obtained about 1,400 negatives in glass plate. The irony of the chance to remain on the verge of retiring the financing of the project to Carter when this and Lord Carnavorn day before together photographs had been made before finding the first step This encuentrea photographic documentation in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, of New York. The photographic sample, exquisite support to the rest of the exhibition, In the exhibition we found the photographs in black and white of the passage of entrance to the tomb, the opening of the sealed chambers on the inside, the first view of the contents the treasures that were. .

Multinevel Companies

May 16th, 2012

Whenever fodder in Multinivel comes to the mind a cartoon that saw when he was young where a personage raises the top of a snow-covered mountain and throws a currency that is rolling and is formed a snow ball that is made great and unstoppable more and more. If we took this example to the reality we see that it happens the same, a person is affiliated with GTC, ” aplica” the strategies that its sponsor gave him quickly and begin to create that snow ball, that with time and the daily work, is become a network of people working in equipment and with but success. But everything begins with a person that I create a tendency, I create a movement so that soon they are united to the other people. The leaders act that as to begin that work and little by little the people see the results and they are affiliated to obtain the financial freedom. But a good leader needs the value to begin to generate this great wave, must have many nutgalls to be only and often to make the ridiculous situation. But its intention is very simple, which generates in the others, it is very easy to follow and that is the key, is almost intuitive. And when the things are made well obtain the fruits, this leader affiliates with his first prospectus and now they are two affiliates, the duplication takes place and now the possibilities are duplicated. However, the second affiliate is the test that the leader this doing the correct thing.

And they continue applying the strategies and they affiliate with other people and they are suddenly expanding its networks in other countries. The people whom everything is seeing what happens to them give account of which every time there are but affiliates in different places and that they continue prospecting, increasing but strategies and sharing experiences. And this is what it likes but me of Multinivel, when is always begun counts on the experience and the aid of the sponsor, never works only, and at the most affiliates enter to the network, but fast the duplication takes place While but people one, no longer are but a risk. If before they were in doubt now no there is reason by which not to affiliate themselves and to begin to work in equipment and this way are as a snow movement or ball is generated. But nothing of this serious possible without the first person thus is as a leader thinks. We work in equipment and we gained all or it does not gain anybody. Those that does not enter lose of an ensured success and to reach the financial freedom. And as always I say when fodder in the multilevel: If profit not to reach my goals in this business will not obtain in no other Because it is very simple, it is only necessary to take action and to begin to apply what another already they have made to obtain it.

Consolidation Loans

May 11th, 2012

The poor loans of consolidation of debt of the credit allow that the individuals borrow the money without the donor of a reason, and therefore, can be used for any intention, including a university education or a business. A consolidation of poor debt of the credit can not prohibit to the borrower a way to improve its degree of solution, on condition that all the payments become the time. There is an emotional and psychological impact implied with poor loans of consolidation of debt of the credit. It gives to individuals an opportunity to change its life and to improve it when they felt previously that she was desperate.

The poor loans of consolidation of debt of the credit can also help individuals to remain outside bankruptcy. Against of the poor loans of consolidation of debt of credit. The money enters the hands of an individual with a history of the poor habits of the cost. If the money is used in a wasteful way, or to waste in an article of high ticket, for example, the loan will only add to the present financial load if it is not used efficiently and wisely. A used additional loan for these intentions can take to the bankruptcy and to the financial destruction.

If the payments are to constantly last ofter that it obtains a loan of poor consolidation of debt of the credit, credit accounts will fall still more. The types of interest are much more high in loans of consolidation poor of debt of the credit that stops the conventional loans. Nevertheless, if the loan is used wisely, it can be financed again to a type more under interest once the credit accounts increase. The poor loans of consolidation of debt of the credit that imply collateral can mean that if the money is not used wisely, the property of the collateral can be in game. The moneylender has the right to take the collateral if the payments do not become the time nor are made absolutely. After obtaining a loan of poor consolidation of debt of the credit, and the debts have been pleased, obtains their finances in sequence. It balances his checkbook of checks to the penny, and it does not make any purchases unnecessary. It does not make the purchases outlandish, either. It remembers, the reason of obtaining the loan of poor consolidation of debt of the credit was to return in track. It does not use the poor habits of the cost that can do that the credit accounts finishes above for even lower. It remains far from cards of credit of high interest, the credit cards that cannot be paid of the monthly publication, and especially, the loans of the day of payment. If a great purchase is necessary, for example the furniture or a vehicle, watched in used articles. The furniture can be bought in the stores of saving and through classified announcements of the newspaper. It assembles his local group of for obtaining the articles for free that you can be that she considers of another way to buy. It makes purchases for the vehicles through deprived owners, not in the concessions of car. Vehicles DES private property will offer to him more cheap without no added costs. It has a trusting mechanic in verifying the vehicle above before you you pay to know if it is, although badly credit and its work.

Same Meeting

May 11th, 2012

This contributes for the distenso between the parts, for a more efficient agreement. In this contact, most convenient it is to allow that the colloquy flows in natural way, but not for very time, as we will see ahead; but the necessary one so that if it establishes certain empatia between the parts, and so that the agreement and mutual knowledge occur in friendly way. By means of the dialogue, of feeling itself it the will, you will look for to reach a pleasant interaction with the other; later, in the final phase of the negotiation, this it will be useful. However, it prevents that the meeting if summarizes to & ldquo; namoro& rdquo; ; there for as much, it locks up the divagaes and it puts serious questions to the table. In this point, it is to salutar to come to the meeting with a list of questions to be done. Therefore, here the initial recommendation: she is necessary to plan the meeting.

Of form some, you can waste this time with distractions, lack of objetividade and passive attitude ahead of the salesman, that is, nothing of that position of & ldquo; the first contact is for knowing the way things geral& rdquo;. He is valid to act at the beginning in this way of the conversation, however such positioning not half hour must last more than. After this period, we must show the one that we came. It is advisable to impress the other side for the seriousness and ability, and, for this, becomes obligator to be well specific and objective in the meeting. You are of the branch? In the initial phase of the colloquy, in that climate of cordialidade that the people search to restore, for better if feeling I obtain same and with the other, the salesman is common to introduce an embarrassing question for times: you are of the branch? This interrogation brings in its excellent bulge one meaning: it functions as a signal, a code, a presentation key that people of the same circle of interests and experiences partilham, as they were belonged to a restricted club.