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Central Europe

February 12th, 2012

Following this, Hitler put forward the claim to Czechoslovakia, demanding adherence to Germany the Sudetenland, inhabited mostly by Germans. However, Czechoslovakia, having one of the best armies in Europe, was not going to retreat. Hitler decided to make separation Sudetenland, frightening prospect of the great powers start a new war. They succumbed to that pressure. At a conference in Munich with the participation of England, Germany, Italy and France, it was decided to meet the claims of Hitler. October 1, 1938 the Wehrmacht occupied the Sudetenland. Czechoslovakia, which had not even invited to the conference, lost a fifth of the territory, the border is now took place 40 kilometers from Prague. Germany after the rejection of Sudeten become the strongest country in Central Europe, all the small countries of this region understand that neither the League of Nations, neither Britain nor France can not guarantee their sovereignty, and were forced to go cap in hand to Germany.

Hitler finally came to believe in their impunity. In this sense, Munich was a loss to England and France and brought the beginning of the war. However, in the West, the result of the conference was received 'with a sigh of relief. " Chamberlain returned to London, said that he had brought peace to this generation. This illusion was not destined to live long. 15 March 1939 Germany occupied Bohemia and Moravia, in the Slovakia was created an independent state. Hitler had thus violated the Munich agreement he signed. But it was only the beginning.