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Great Advantage

February 12th, 2016

Spanglish means a mixture of the words "fly" and "air" (air). The great advantage of this free online game is the presence of easy description details of all the peculiarities and the game offered by their creators. By choosing the "tutorials" you can learn from each question that you may be interested about this arcade game. That means you never have any difficulty in understanding how everything in the game: just place your mouse over the titles of questions you'd like to know, and it will open the block with the explanation. Free online "Volair" offer the following situation: a piece of sky and a funny paper plane that you manage through the clouds trying to reach the highest point possible.

In the picture you can see the red upward arrows containing the hot air and help us move forward, and blue arrows to reduce our speed emitting cold air. Your task is to travel by plane while collecting the arrows your aim will reach the final room before the game ends. For each task executed the player receives credit for money given. Each time you win a little money can go into the shop ("shop") and spend it buying new details for your plane. It can for example obtain the new wings that help manevrar your aircraft during a game or buy the new engine to ease the lift. Then we have a section for betting (bets).

It is a type of commitment which Pudes earn money if you complete the tasks defined. For example, we can promise that you will reach the height without touching the blue arrows that will add about 40 dollars more to your balance. Down on the screen shows your achievements: the number of blue arrows and red got, things purchased, the total distance traveled by plane. The player free online game "Volair" must continue dragging the mouse without leave to move that way in the air. But keep in mind that it is always best to avoid blue arrows as these inhibit your move and leave no wake up fast. In case you want to stop the game and put "pause" just press the letter "P". The free game arcade "Volair" is a thrill ride without paying for the plane ticket!


October 14th, 2015

Traditionally one has thought that the money and the spirit do not have anything to do, several of my teachers have let to me see that the money is a very spiritual energy more after many years as soon as understanding, here I share to you more of this. S.A. just as I had been thinking that the money and the spirit do not have anything to do today I want decirte that on the contrary the true wealth, the money will take that you to the fullness intimately is related and more in these times. Service: One are two ways to make money is by means of giving a useful, real service and authentic and another one is by means of deceiving, robbing and to make an evil in the world thus has be when always and more now very many of the great fortunes by it displeases are based on second ex. : The industry of the petroleum that everything what it has done is to deteriorate to our beautiful planet and why? to only create nonreal needs to us. So the question forced here would be by which of the ways you it would like to make money? And yes you are doing already it in Which of the ways you are? , surely you will be responsible for the way of the good service del to me that it is in the correct thing, the one that does not rob the one that does not deceive and that good! It brings back to consciousness:

Perhaps we are sure that our route to make money is the appropriate one, I want invitarte more to reflect and to request answers to your Divinity (Your BETTER I), I want to tell a brief history to you, years ago I had a patient to which we will call Raul to respect its identity, it was on the verge of being dismissed of a great company of course with a very good indemnification and contracted my services because she had much insecurity to undertake an own business since always she had been used, we worked very it last in its car security and it obtained if it conquered the security that needed to start its own business and when I asked to him of which platic was going to be the business me its heading and was totally anti ecological and it already had everything, and said to him that of no way it could be dedicated to which was going to be totally karmatico meaning that yes it did perhaps was to him well more than with time it would see that he had not been the best thing for its life, of course became angry much then it was or decided to do it, it did not even listen to me no longer returned consults and after years I found out that or not even this business existed and that it had returned to be employed..