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Karin Kahraman

June 30th, 2016

Here comes his wife Karin in the game, which suffers from the neurosis. More and more, you can see the scale now the disease, which brings not only muscle twitching with itself, but also a Kahraman and his family, as in the case of Andreas devastated houses, squandered money and absolute chaos. Karin must in a clinic, otherwise it’s not about slowly Andreas Kahraman, builds a new life together with his son. But the two are not alone: A wave of helpfulness rolls. The book is can break with most readers, because so absurd some places may also sound, the certainty that Andreas Kahraman and his son actually have experienced all of this is so sure.

The book loses at any point his power (and I’m not talking of a voltage, as she comes up in detective stories), although one wonders at the beginning, whether it be Maximilian and his history or the diseased Karin Kahraman. Who would like to learn more about the disease itself, should take another book to hand, but who is interested in seeing how this disease makes the life of many people, not only of those affected, on the head, which has with this Book exactly the right hit. The style of the book very reminiscent of a typewriter a diary, as well as the font, so it is not surprising that Kahraman wrote down his feelings and emotions. He manages to take the reader on a journey, where you encountered anger and fear, but also joy and relief and ourselves can feel partially. Partially, the rates seem somewhat choppy and in some places you don’t follow the literal speech, because this is not characterized by the typical characters. Still striking that typographical errors and Word duplication accumulate, starting at the point where the onset of illness is reported.

It is questionable whether the Publisher read the book, since these errors very obvious. In conversation with Mr Kahraman was it clear that the story of his family very moved him and so one can presume that he has written all of this under great mental pressure and was just too excited to express themselves correctly in some places. But what makes the book in my eyes again very likeable. Conclusion: Since the book is based on the reality and you can put in the story, it’s a win for everyone who reads it. “Especially relatives of sufferers know that they are not alone and hope can again draw on a normal” life. Absolutely recommended! Review by Alexandra Cook author: Kahraman, Andreas

Leipzig Train Station Mission Helps Needy

June 23rd, 2016

Even today, the mission is indispensable in need there are many. Among others sick, blind, elderly people with mobility problems, wheelchair and beklaute travelers who now stand away from the hometown without papers or money are among them. The staff of the Mission in the game here. All those among the customers of the Leipzig train station mission under 9785.html. Much expertise is used, for example, by referral to specialist services, encouragement or form to transfer aid under arms them. Not to mention, there are kids on tour the nationwide project. In cooperation with the railway, trained employees of the Leipzig train station mission here accompany unaccompanied children up to 15 years on the line Leipzig-Frankfurt / Main. There are mostly children of divorce, who visit their separated parents in the Federal territory.

Or go to Grandma and Grandpa. For parents, that offer is extremely helpful, because in addition to the compulsory ticket is only a service charge of 25 Euro per child. As a substitute father would otherwise or Mother take vacations and go even with the ICE on travel. The assistance of the mission are however endangered by the drastic cuts in the public sector. Donate to: Caritasverband Leipzig e.V. Sparkasse Leipzig donations purpose: station mission account: 1140 005 630 BLZ: 860 555 92 (receipt with your address)

Machinery Product

June 21st, 2016

Your company is not only measured by the quality of your product or service, but the process that is prepared and packed too, as well as its presentation and much more. We know that your product is of the best quality, but want to share you some tips to improve the image and everything that includes your product. There are machines for packaging and bottling that achieve canning and bottling your product to perfection. What happens is that they do so in record time, taking care of the quality of your product, no matter if it is liquid, foamy, edible, granulated, powdered, cream and much more. In addition, leverage your product to avoid any amount that it is wasted. These packaging and bottling equipment are an excellent investment because they have warranty, work very well, a lot last time and also are very easy to use. These machines are made with the best technology and require only general supervision of a person. Thus the packaging and bottling process save you much time, money and effort. It reinforces and ensures the quality of all your products with the best teams in packaging and bottling, which guarantee you the best of the best for your brand and company.

Fernando Alonso

June 17th, 2016

The Asturian one reduces the emotion after the triumph in the GP of Silverstone. It considers that the advantage with Red Bull continues being very ample. Adventure that the equipment will have to take more risks to overcome. The Spanish pilot of escudera Italian Ferrari, F ernando Alonso, is mostra this Wednesday " great satisfaccin" that for him he has supposed to return to gain a race in the World-wide one of Formula 1 after several months, something that the past happened weekend in the Great Prize of Great Britain in Silverstone, but needed that the equipment follows " with the Earth feet ". " How great satisfaction to return to the victory! I am enjoying it more now than I have returned to house, in Oviedo.

When grandsima finishes a Great Prize is one emotion, but later there are so many things that to make between press conferences and meetings and there are to remain, anyway, very concentrado" , &#039 today indicates Alonso in an entrance published in his; blog' of the Web of Ferrari. " Nevertheless, the day of later one awakes happy and it really feels something special. And I must say that still I am it sintiendo" , it adds. The bichampion of the world of Formula 1, that he indicates that he has not dedicated " too much tiempo" to think about the technical reasons that they took to him to win in Great Britain, he assures that the success in Silverstone will not change the way of Ferrari to confront the races. " We are realistic: 92 points of disadvantage in the classification are very many. We will confront race after race having tried to gain the possible maximum of points. This also brings with himself to adopt some risk of more, and perhaps it happens that we will have to pay a high price, but we cannot do another one cosa" , it affirms Alonso. " By all means that we did not leave the prey, but we do not have to think about the championship: as Montezemolo in Maranello said yesterday (the president of Ferrari, Luca Cordero I gave) (it soothes of escudera), we followed with the Earth feet " , it adds.

The Asturian pilot explains that now its single-seater is easier to lead and feels more fight to the track, mainly in the fast curves. " He means that there is more aerodynamic load, aspect in which we were more behind with respect to our main rivals () we have gone to better exactly in the parts where it had not practically restrained, which means that the one was exactly the car that has gone fuerte" , it aims. Alonso assures that in Silverstone the past weekend was one " atmosphere particular" and that stops Ferrari was something different, because its victory in the Great Prize of Great Britain agreed with the 60 anniversary of the one of the Argentinean Jose Froiln Gonzlez with escudera Italian. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: " We follow with the Earth feet "

Government Office

June 9th, 2016

After that day, they handle 20 minutes in their vehicles and are again with his family. Obviously this is creating great psychological stress to those people who must be balanced both types of life simultaneously. latino msn news. com on the subject says an interesting article published by BBC world. com us. UU.

invest billions in research of robots for military purposes. Some consider that this progress is revolutionary; others, worrying post is already working on models that feed on organic material (do included corpses?) and in United States a Government Office requested that I will undertake a study on the ethics of the robots. With 8. 000 robots in use, some believe that a military revolution can generate. Currently the majority of those who are present in the ground lie ahead for tasks that do not involve combat, how to disable bombs, unlike lethal unmanned planes. Faced with this reality, the question arises do is can fight a war with machines that behave well and make the conflict safer for humans? Everything seems to indicate that this is the seductive vision, and hope, of those who investigate and work in the future of the robotic military States, that to Bob Quinn, who works for the U.S.

subsidiary of QinetiQ, a British company manufacturing robots, is a fact, that the future promises more robots armed on the battlefield, including driverless vehicles. The closer is getting shot, most understood the value of having the ability to use ranged weapons, he says. latino msn news. com adds to their information that anyone who has seen the Terminator films may find this somewhat scary idea. Quinn admits that among high-ranking military science fiction movies caused great anguish. (E) emphasized the need to make sure that only armed robots operate under the control of soldiers and never independently. In addition, relates that the speed of modern warfare can make direct human control difficult, says Peter Singer, author of Wired for War.

Glass Office Partitions

June 5th, 2016

Many leaders of major firms are often faced with the dilemma of how to improve staff offices. It happens that in one huge hall employs many employees, though the job will certainly want to isolate that managers were engaged in their duties and working at 100 percent. Negotiations with partners, the discussion of contracts, processing of information – if all things in the same room at the same time make a lot of people, instead of normal and clear workflow will complete bedlam. What do I do? After all, not everywhere have the opportunity to 'bestow benefits' helpful staff his office, and work lights. The solution is: to install office partitions of a special sturdy glass, which proved well in practice and have become fairly common design element throughout the world. These partitions do not mount successfully only in classrooms but also in commercial premises or exhibition centers – wherever there is a need to correctly separate the space. If the glass office partitions constants, they can carry out another function – to get rid of any noise through the design characteristics, including the use of quality materials.

It is interesting to see the related partition of the glass, which cause a special Fig. Can in some situations preferable, and colored glass walls. The variety of forms can really bring the design of glass partitions to the design office, where they are used. In addition to a noticeable practicality, beautiful walls and glass doors are even and design role. With their help achieve a greater sense of space. Comfortable and modern invention quickly became quite popular because absolutely live up to expectations. Final touches to the design of such walls – purchase interesting accessories – fittings, clamps, connectors, and so on.