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The State Globalization

March 13th, 2015

The globalization is an accented process mainly in the last few decades, stimulated for the innovations techniques that have appeared and if perfected quickly ahead of our eyes, where, one to blink of eyes is sufficiently so that everything if brings up to date. One another factor booster is the speed of the transmission of information with the constant job of the techniques on this field, reaching millions of people instantaneously mainly through the Internet, TV, radio, etc Systems saw satellite or not that they reach the planet all. Another marcante trace of the globalization is the mundializao of the economy where in the posterior paragraphs we will detail its impacts on the space, it is also a period of changes in the personal relations therefore very brings a strong influence on the culture of the peoples, on the religiosidade and several other fields of the life as we will see ahead. According to Milton Saints: ' ' The globalization is, of certain form, the apex of the process of internationalization of the capitalist world. For it understands it, as, of remaining portion, to any phase of history, ha two basic elements to leading in account: The State of the techniques and the State of the Polticas.' ' (SAINTS, 2000, p.23). The impregnated ideological element in the speeches current, it is of making in to believe them in a fabulosa globalization, something spectacular and that it only brings benefits for the life human being, make in them to believe in a globalization where all we are in the apex of the half use of the technician and informacionais, they make to feel them as kings and queens of the technique and the information, a solid interpretation and that hardly the majority of the population obtains to breach and to live the reality, this because the ideological machine starts functioning and manipulating.

Space Repass

April 8th, 2014

Efficient Quo is the luggage that is placed in the knapsack and the mind of the pupil since its more tenra infancy! Therefore, since the cartography is part of the life of all being humaem, it would be very interesting that all we learned to decipher it while still small. (PISSINATI & ARCHELA, 2007). 3. CONCLUSION Can be concluded in this work, while form of research regarding the importance to study and to teach to the cartography and all the discovery processes involve that it. That it is very important that the responsible professor for taking the related knowledge to the cartography to its pupils, is linkado with the processes that involve the content, knowing the deep one of what the cartography is treated and of that it forms can to repass it its pupils, so that the same ones learn to know the representation forms cartographic and also understand them, so that the knowledge is not fragmented. So that if he can teach with quality, important if he makes to study and to understand of what the cartographic representations are treated and to search forms to repass the knowledge with responsibility.

To understand these processes involves to know to respect makes them of learning of the child and its limitations. To use technological resources to repass the knowledge of the cartography, if shows very efficient, in view of that the child will be if involving with playful and developing forms of understanding and agreement related to the knowledge of the cartographic representations, thus contributing for the setting of the knowledge. To learn to interpret a map, to recognize places and if to locate in the space, also they contribute for the development of the fast reasoning, also contributing for the development of the reasoning I criticize. 4. REFERENCES ALBUQUERQUE, Pablo Cesar Gurgel of.