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April 28th, 2014

The achievement of the holistic education is precisely the integration of the unit through diversity. The problem is that mechanistic education has believed that the quality of education will be achieved through improvements in external and objective aspects, as it would be the administrative, technological, part of statistics or number of graduates to deepen this topic please read communities of learning of Dr. Gallegos Nava) Mexico clearly States in article 3 that education must be comprehensive, but unfortunately has never understood the original concept of master Vasconcelos. In Mexico, Dr. Gallegos Nava developed a novel perspective multinivel-multidimension which encompasses and distinguishes different levels and dimensions of the educational experience and gives us a holistic educational model helping to overcome the reductionism in which current education is put. From the perspective Multilevel education encompasses five levels of totality: the individual conscience, community awareness, social awareness, the planetary consciousness and the consciousness kosmica. (This single level will understand from the eye of the spirit and the essence of holistic education).

Also develops the six dimensions that are always present in any educational process: the cognitive, social, emotional, the body, aesthetic and spiritual (heart of holistic education) crossing the levels and dimensions within a graph lines, arise 30 spaces educational ranging from the more mechanical and personnel to the more subtle and universal.This innovative model allows to give education a high level of theoretical concretion. (This model can be found in his book a vision Integral of the proposed Dr. Ramon Gallegos holistic education points out that that can be the new paradigm, the worldview of those who must change) the future humans, those who taught education at all levels, from the basic to the graduate have in their hands. He said, that education can not by it same to generate social change, however in this new vision holistic, according to the opinion of Dr.


April 21st, 2014

He will be same that not? In the house of the prosaico, the inhabitants did not demonstrate great spirit with the life. In the one of the young, with more or little people, the situation certainly would be another one. After this first briefing meeting, sabonete was agreed in an enormous closet of the bathroom, only of the residence, and for he remained abandoned for some time there. It was a simple, almost coarse bathroom. Perhaps he was more appropriate for a soap, what diminua already the low merit then enjoyed by sabonete. Leaving this of side, what it was reserved for it? Therefore, if the environment was not very promising, the contact with its users could be sufficiently rewarding. The wife was extremely dedicated to the domestic work to make of that poor residence a more pleasant place.

Of this great dirt in its body resulted, being the one that more needed sabonete. For it, it could represent the purificao that would give the merit to it of the fruition of the proper work. In the sequence, the biggest glory would come of the cleanness of the body of the son, having comungando the purgation of the tangible dirt with the natural pureness of the soul of the innocent child. To follow, it came the related one, to who sabonete could serve of way to strengthen its bond with the family. At the moment of the bath, all, also the make look like one, would use sabonete the same.

This would be one of the so scarce common elements between them. Finally, it had the prosaico. Of so usual that it was, it would serve of rest to proper sabonete: along with all the noble functions that it would play, would have the possibility of routinely passing for a common experience. After some last days inside of that closet, the wife desempacotou sabonete she used and it for the first time. In fact, its body was dirty. The curious one is that, in some parts, thick dirt layer was formed, true rind. It seemed the ideal start. But the bath soon showed the justification of the dirtiness. Sabonete badly is used. The wife had true relation of symbiosis with the garbage that if went joining in the house. The tormentoso to that creature was the cleanness. But to sabonete still it had three good chances. The son was the next one, and promised to be the true start. Although to little age, then one saw that nothing she had of innocent in that girl. The tricks that made during bath, in which it involved sabonete, was proper of adults, and of not very held. It did not have pureness there, but the most intense malice joining body and soul. It lacked sabonete any vocation to remove this type of dirt. The make look like one seemed promising, but, now, accurately for not belonging properly to that group of depraved. It happens that, exactly therefore, before use sabonete in its body, left the water to drain on it until good part of its surface was spends. For the make look like one, it was as if he was new sabonete, only its. The reason of repulses was of all understandable, but the consuming suffered for sabonete did not seem proportional. How much to the prosaico, last hope, could be perceived in few seconds that nothing had there of ordinary. The man was obsessive and metd


April 14th, 2014

Greetings dear readers. In this opportunity I would like to continue talking about the Gondola being a little more specific about how to build a Gondola with the use of the planogram. I recommend readers to check in addition two previous articles which deal precisely with the Gondolas and as to optimize them, to go to these articles can click: Merchandising, strategy and optimization of the Gondola part I Merchandising strategy & optimization of the Gondola part II now let’s continue with the topic of this article, the construction of a planogram. A planogram is the result expressed graphically, or rather the graphic expression of the strategy of exploitation of the Gondolas in our shop or supermarket. If we are working for a manufacturer or if we are manufacturers our strategy will be different because we will pursue a different purpose. We can say that today the vast majority of consumer products are conceived (design of the product itself, its packaging, label and other factors) for play a role in the Gondolas.

This paper is concerned with a very broad set of factors that includes: need to meet and market to which it is addressed. Leadership or position in the category presentations that will be available (breadth and depth of line) distribution notoriety novelty competitors the company’s relations with the members of the channels of distribution among other things. All these are vital factors when devising our Planogram. Each of these factors would change the provision of our products on gondola. If we satisfy the need the feed quickly, providing vitamins and minerals to children and adolescents, for example in the case of a cereal for breakfast, our objective in the gondola is be to the level of the eyes or hands of mothers in this way be more effectively available to them at the time of making their purchase decision.

Space Repass

April 8th, 2014

Efficient Quo is the luggage that is placed in the knapsack and the mind of the pupil since its more tenra infancy! Therefore, since the cartography is part of the life of all being humaem, it would be very interesting that all we learned to decipher it while still small. (PISSINATI & ARCHELA, 2007). 3. CONCLUSION Can be concluded in this work, while form of research regarding the importance to study and to teach to the cartography and all the discovery processes involve that it. That it is very important that the responsible professor for taking the related knowledge to the cartography to its pupils, is linkado with the processes that involve the content, knowing the deep one of what the cartography is treated and of that it forms can to repass it its pupils, so that the same ones learn to know the representation forms cartographic and also understand them, so that the knowledge is not fragmented. So that if he can teach with quality, important if he makes to study and to understand of what the cartographic representations are treated and to search forms to repass the knowledge with responsibility.

To understand these processes involves to know to respect makes them of learning of the child and its limitations. To use technological resources to repass the knowledge of the cartography, if shows very efficient, in view of that the child will be if involving with playful and developing forms of understanding and agreement related to the knowledge of the cartographic representations, thus contributing for the setting of the knowledge. To learn to interpret a map, to recognize places and if to locate in the space, also they contribute for the development of the fast reasoning, also contributing for the development of the reasoning I criticize. 4. REFERENCES ALBUQUERQUE, Pablo Cesar Gurgel of.

Job Application

April 2nd, 2014

Also it suggested the shipment of a personal letter with the curriculum vitae, unless the announcement specifies the one to send only these last ones. The letter must be brief and must be confined to the requirements mentioned in the announcement and explain briefly that they are fulfilled. Also it is possible to mention the publication in which it saw the announcement and the date. This aid to that the employer to know what announcements attract. Also it will provide a registry to him of this information (like keeping a copy from the letter).

Some announcements require that the wage pretension is specified. Nevertheless, the common sense dictates that never the wage is due to mention before the interview, nevertheless, if the previous warning to acquire its pay is not indicated, could eliminate a possible candidate. What to do? There are several options and they must choose the one that has more feeling in each case. For example, it can recognize the condition, but they refuse to need a number, and instead of to say something like: ” The wage that is required depends on the reach of the responsibilities and the package of total compensation, ” or simply ” payment to negociar.” Finally, you can protect what ” indicates a rank of wage with the word; pendiente”. Generally, the answer to an announcement must be immediate. That is to say, they must send curriculum vitae and a letter as soon as it is possible, since, given the great number of curricula that receive the companies in response to their announcements, you cannot even see those that arrive after a certain point, that it can be certain number of days after the announcement appeared, or when the mountain of life leaves arrives at a certain height.

It is recommended to take a registry of the answers to the announcements. Therefore, it must conserve a copy of all emails, because each is different. Other sources of intelligence on the works Besides national newspapers, the finder of work in Internet are a good one of supplies of emeplo, since they locate in hundreds of vestibules and Webs of use, supplies that him can interest Also they can review the financial sections of newspapers, are also a valuable source of intelligence on jobs. Please, it reads with regularity. Many newspapers publish financial special sections luneas. It calls to new companies, the new companies need personnel and other signs possible opportunities of use. Finally, the yellow pages of their local telephone directory are due to review, since it provides an inventory, at first sight, of the companies of their sector that operate in the zone.