April 21st, 2014

He will be same that not? In the house of the prosaico, the inhabitants did not demonstrate great spirit with the life. In the one of the young, with more or little people, the situation certainly would be another one. After this first briefing meeting, sabonete was agreed in an enormous closet of the bathroom, only of the residence, and for he remained abandoned for some time there. It was a simple, almost coarse bathroom. Perhaps he was more appropriate for a soap, what diminua already the low merit then enjoyed by sabonete. Leaving this of side, what it was reserved for it? Therefore, if the environment was not very promising, the contact with its users could be sufficiently rewarding. The wife was extremely dedicated to the domestic work to make of that poor residence a more pleasant place.

Of this great dirt in its body resulted, being the one that more needed sabonete. For it, it could represent the purificao that would give the merit to it of the fruition of the proper work. In the sequence, the biggest glory would come of the cleanness of the body of the son, having comungando the purgation of the tangible dirt with the natural pureness of the soul of the innocent child. To follow, it came the related one, to who sabonete could serve of way to strengthen its bond with the family. At the moment of the bath, all, also the make look like one, would use sabonete the same.

This would be one of the so scarce common elements between them. Finally, it had the prosaico. Of so usual that it was, it would serve of rest to proper sabonete: along with all the noble functions that it would play, would have the possibility of routinely passing for a common experience. After some last days inside of that closet, the wife desempacotou sabonete she used and it for the first time. In fact, its body was dirty. The curious one is that, in some parts, thick dirt layer was formed, true rind. It seemed the ideal start. But the bath soon showed the justification of the dirtiness. Sabonete badly is used. The wife had true relation of symbiosis with the garbage that if went joining in the house. The tormentoso to that creature was the cleanness. But to sabonete still it had three good chances. The son was the next one, and promised to be the true start. Although to little age, then one saw that nothing she had of innocent in that girl. The tricks that made during bath, in which it involved sabonete, was proper of adults, and of not very held. It did not have pureness there, but the most intense malice joining body and soul. It lacked sabonete any vocation to remove this type of dirt. The make look like one seemed promising, but, now, accurately for not belonging properly to that group of depraved. It happens that, exactly therefore, before use sabonete in its body, left the water to drain on it until good part of its surface was spends. For the make look like one, it was as if he was new sabonete, only its. The reason of repulses was of all understandable, but the consuming suffered for sabonete did not seem proportional. How much to the prosaico, last hope, could be perceived in few seconds that nothing had there of ordinary. The man was obsessive and metd

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