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Babylonian Agreement Layout

November 6th, 2016

Experience shows that all the unforeseen and extraordinary events are random, and the damage from these events is impossible to predict. It is also noticed that the number of those who interested in insurance, it is often more than the victims of various disasters. Under such conditions, the uniform layout of loss among stakeholders significantly ameliorate the effects of natural disasters and other hazards. In this case, the more participants involved in the layout of damage, the less funds have to invest each participant to compensate for damages. So there was insurance, which essentially amounts to solidary layout of loss among parties to the agreement.

Insurance held a number of stages of development. Mutual aid. Initial forms of insurance were a natural character. The oldest insurance rules, which have reached We are set in one of the books of the Talmud. Thus, the Talmud prescribed in case one of the drovers the asses animal perished, the rest of the mahouts to allocate it to replace another donkey, but not money. Similar agreements were concluded in and Syria in case of case, pick apart by wild beasts, theft or disappearance of an ass of anyone of the participants in the caravan. The laws of the Babylonian king Hammurabi (II millennium BC) provides for the conclusion agreement between the drovers and merchants sharing losses that might occur in transit due to an attack of robbers, a case of camels, stealing, etc. Thus, even in those days was laid collective mutual aid, and most importantly – was laid down an important principle of insurance – it should not be an enrichment.

Opening A Foreign Bank Account

January 3rd, 2014

Currently, many of the extremely wealthy clients demand services of opening a foreign bank account. Among the banks have traditionally preferred the lead banks in Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Denmark, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and Belgium. When choosing a foreign bank, usually take into account the client’s needs and factors such as reputation and financial soundness of the bank, the possibility care residents, ways to account management, privacy. At the same time providing assistance in opening a savings account or a foreign currency account with a foreign bank. Well-known banks, which can be open a foreign account is – Aizkraukles Bank (Latvia), Anglo Irish Bank (Austria), ap Anlage & Privatbank ag, Lombard Odier Darier Hensch & Cie, Clariden Leu ag (Switzerland), Credit Suisse (UK / Switzerland), Marfin Popular Bank, Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus), Barclays Bank (branch in Cyprus), Fortis Bank (Netherlands / Belgium), Danske Bank (Denmark), hsbc, Standard Charterd Bank, Bank of China, dbs (Hong Kong), Hypo Investment Bank (Liechtenstein / Austria).

Internet Site Affiliate

December 27th, 2013

How can we contact you "participate"? After wandering around the Internet money – good money. The question is how to get them and how to make this permanent earnings. So, is there a company that wants its products or services sold. If you do it this helps – get your well-deserved interest. There are several types of affiliate programs. About the easiest, but also just as cheap wages, as kliking specifically shall not apply, say only two words, that its essence is to link to your site visitor to a partner. For each transition is dripping a little money. Of course, the right to exist has any earnings on the Internet, which is not prohibited by law, but clicks on a fur coat to his wife just will not work.

The most effective affiliate programs can be divided into two types: 1) partner company pays you for every paid purchase of goods (services) that you advertising. 2) the company pays you a specific action (registration, filling out forms, downloading software, etc. etc.), which is accomplished by visitors who came to the partner – again, for your reference. And here arises key point about such earnings in the Internet, as affiliate programs. It sounds simple, but ominously: Do you have a website? If your feedback on this password – yes, the doors for you in that earnings are open wide.

If "No" the case is complicated, but not hopeless. If your case – the second, what to do? Well, you finally can create your site, especially because almost every other affiliate program offers you ready for this script. If this is you do not suitable, you can always start earning, referral to post to the site of the partner company in various forums, blogs (in its content, or signature). In the first case you are lucky! All that you need to start earnings – put at its affiliate site, which corresponds to the topics of your site. At this point you start to make work for themselves such earnings as affiliate programs. But this is only the beginning! Subtleties in this case – weight. You remember that in this world, perhaps all, but all at once – impossible. The main thing to remember that the longest road begins with the first step, and this ancient wisdom applies to such income in Internet, as affiliate programs.

Money Budget

December 21st, 2013

2) In order to ‘sew up the holes in your pockets. ” In the pockets of each of us there are many holes, through which the money is running out like water. I am a family budget is already three years I try to control every ruble, every penny. And then, periodically, tyschonku or two I can not to count. And before that, before I began to run their own budget, I have lost 10 to 40 percent of their money in an unknown direction. Lost not in the literal sense.

And lost in all , cakes, buns, drinks, cafes, discos, girls, etc. The only thing I knew, so that’s what I earned $ 1000 and within two to three weeks to spend it. And for that I’m their spent, remained a mystery No, I could certainly find some. And if you do well, then take my word for it, 10-30% of their spending, you just do not remember. 3) To know how important to you then what you are today spent their money. The money you earn for a month, sometimes achieved through suffering the blood and sweat.

Where To Invest – In Real Estate Or Stocks ?

December 6th, 2013


Leadership Qualities

November 17th, 2013

This text is an adaptation of the works of Lao Tse. It says, John Heider: as I have been able to realize, the work was originally aimed at the wise political leader and ruler of ancient China. Through multiple deliveries go exposing this text so that whoever wants to, can take whole wisdom containing the TAO of Tao leaders means how. Tao means: how occur things, how things work. Tao is the essential principle of creation. Tao is God. A leading source for info: writer.

Tao, cannot be defined because it applies to everything. It is impossible to define something in itself same. If a principle of you can define is not Tao. Tao is a principle. Creation, however, is a process. It is all there is: principle and process, such as and.Creation is deployed a cuerdo to Tao. There is no other way. It can not be set to Tao, but it can be known.

The method is meditation, or be aware of what is happening. To be aware of what is happening, I’m beginning to feel like. I start to feel to Tao. To be aware of what is happening I must pay attention with an open mind. I must leaving aside my personal prejudices or propensities. People with prejudices sees only what matches their prejudices. The method of meditation is, because the principle and process are inseparable. Entire process reveals the essential principle. This means that I meet Tao. I know Dios.Conociendo Tao, I know how the things happen. Polarities: All behavior is composed of opposites. If I do something again and again, more and more, appears their polarity. For example, the struggle to beautify it disfigures a person, trying to be friendly with too much effort is a form of selfishness. Any behavior determined effort produces its opposite: obsession live suggests a concern for dying. True simplicity, is not easy. Does too much or little time since we saw us? The vaunted probably feels small and insecure. Who wants to be the first will finish last. Knowing how the polarities, the wise leader does not push to make things happen, but it allows that the process be deployed if same.The leader teaches more by example that preaching to others as they should be.

The leader knows the constant interventions to block the process of the group.The leader does not insist that things go a certain way.The wise leader does not seek neither money nor much praise. However, it is enough of both. Be yourself: the wise leader makes no deployments of Holiness and granted titles of good conduct. This would create a climate of successes and failures. Causing competition and jealousy.The same applies to emphasize a material success: those who have much are greedy, and those who have little thieves are made. The wise leader pays careful attention to all behavior. So the group is open to more and more possibilities of conduct. People learn much when it is open to all and not only to imagine what pleases the master.The leader shows that the style is not a substitute of the substance; knowledge of some facts is not more powerful than the simple wisdom; that create an impression is not more powerful than act from the Centre itself same. The students learn that the effective action arises of silence and a clear conscience exist. In which are a source of peace. They discover that a person with his feet on the ground does what needs to be done more effectively that the person that it is only occupied.

July Store

November 16th, 2013

As an example of successful existence of such a store will give your site Films on dvd Here's a summary statistic for the iv quarter 2006 (before moving to a new domain) September – 270 sales in October – 244 sales in November – 184 sales in December – 347 sales per sale on average, 37.3 ruble profits. Now comes a few less for July 1951 was for sale (though not with the new site, but with ads on third-party resources), with an average profit of 24.68 rubles. Nevertheless, sales of fully repaying the cost of a domain, host, and make a profit. I hope this example has convinced you to that despite the competition (and where not?) income generation through partnerships store now has the right to life. Now let us define what we need to start building a partnership shop. We will need to register a domain name. Recommend the zone ru and / or com, believe me, if registered in these areas to live and work will be much easier. Rent normal hosting. At least that should be in it included – 500 mb of disk space, php, MySQL Decide to those goods which will implement through the affiliate program. Find partners to register their partnership programs to install all the necessary software or write itself (depending on the partners and their own skills) Proceed to promote the store Now we have a clear list you can proceed to a substantive discussion and to begin developing a plan of action.