Money Budget

December 21st, 2013

2) In order to ‘sew up the holes in your pockets. ” In the pockets of each of us there are many holes, through which the money is running out like water. I am a family budget is already three years I try to control every ruble, every penny. And then, periodically, tyschonku or two I can not to count. And before that, before I began to run their own budget, I have lost 10 to 40 percent of their money in an unknown direction. Lost not in the literal sense.

And lost in all , cakes, buns, drinks, cafes, discos, girls, etc. The only thing I knew, so that’s what I earned $ 1000 and within two to three weeks to spend it. And for that I’m their spent, remained a mystery No, I could certainly find some. And if you do well, then take my word for it, 10-30% of their spending, you just do not remember. 3) To know how important to you then what you are today spent their money. The money you earn for a month, sometimes achieved through suffering the blood and sweat.

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