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GDP Products

August 18th, 2016

This will cause a severe impact on the sectors of footwear and leather goods, textiles, sports equipment, household appliances of low and mid-range auxiliary industry of developed countries automobile and the consequent labour starvation return over the next decade to unemployment rates unknown since World War II. Brutal increase in the consumption of raw materials and products made by emerging countries, due to its spectacular growth of the GDP annually over the past decade, which joined with the intervention of speculative brokers, has led to a spiral of price increases, impossible to assume for the first world economies, (to not be able to revert them in the final price of the product given their high production costs). As consequence of the above, a sensible loss of competitiveness has occurred, stagnation of their exports and increase foreign debt and current account Deficits, drawing is a stage to five years in which he would return to scenarios already forgotten economic, with the introduction of protectionist measures protectionism (promotion of the consumption of products national), in the form of aid to prevent the relocation of companies Grants to the agri-food industry for the establishment of the BIO label all their manufactured products; Elevation of the quality parameters required to manufactured goods from abroad and imposition of tariffs on non-friendly countries with the environment and additional phytosanitary measures as a disguised form of protectionism against the invasion of products from emerging countries, with the subsequent contraction of world trade and subsequent release to economic globalization..

Internet ICQ

August 15th, 2016

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Emotional Dependency

August 1st, 2016

Many times we have heard of emotional but rarely dependency are increasingly aware of it when we have a problem of this type. Unfortunately many couples rely more on emotional dependency that its members feel that mutual love that you can have one to another, which, far from being something positive and that benefit, creates a climate of tension and vulnerability that ultimately harms more what can benefit. What is emotional dependency? Emotional dependency occurs in the moment in which the individual loses precisely that, your individuality, but concevirse himself only as companion or part of another person. This implies is that the person cancels out if same only lives to each other and on the other side. This not only represents a significant burden for whom the dependency object is being, but it also creates a lot of problems to dependency, that would be one who has:-feel completely helpless without the other person. -Problems of low self-esteem, a low concept of itself, a great insegurida in his person, and an underestimation of what may be able to do or what they could achieve in life. -Inability to do anything without the other person, which implies inability to do anything alone or whether same or take an initiative apart from what you can tell the other person. -Depression, since what may want the other person and what can wish me is something very different and to cede in everything I am lacking of satisfacotorias activities and company that pleases me and therefore lacking enthusiasm and stimuli.

-Trapped in negative situations: if I have my partner unit, will continue with her while the person can be negative for me, because I do not want to, or I use, or because I abuse or anything that may be harmful. -Annulment of myself. -Feeling of instability, my mood will depend on totally another and not myself.