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Iranian Government

August 15th, 2013

Internet could be defined as a great social network in which anything goes and in which all the users of the World Register to interact with each other. The truth is that from our side, the side of the user everything look more complicated to think that there may be other users, who can not connect or read certain things with the same freedom that you do. Internet has become a field of battle for these fictitious democracies that enslave its citizens curtailing them freedom, a fundamental human right. We have recently read the death of an Iranian blogger in a jail in the country which was hospitalized by say intrusive things of his country’s regime. Apparently, according to Iranian officials, the writer died accidentally, worse the unofficial version clearly explains the work you are doing security forces Iranians to clean the country of traitors writers. Internet, is therefore, for countries that do not respect human rights, a major threat that you cannot control, though they try. But; Where is the limit? What kind of computer maintenance does held the Iranian Government for imprisoning a blogger not to say what must be said of the regime? The truth is that the boundary between the right of expression and opinion in Iran is just an impossible dream, but that will only depend on users which is settled. In addition, in the rest of the world, must make us echo of what is happening on the other side and the difference in concepts between one side and another.

Nonaka Belief

August 10th, 2013

Knowledge, unlike information, is action. It is always knowledge to some extent. Knowledge, such as information, meaning is, depends on specific contexts and is relational. In his theory of creation of organizational knowledge, Nonaka and Takeuchi adopt the traditional definition of knowledge that considers it a justified true belief, however, clarify that while traditional epistemology puts emphasis on the abstract, static and non-human nature of knowledge, typically expressed in the propositions and formal logic, for them the knowledge is a dynamic human process of justification of the personal belief in search of the truth. In this sense the authors, above, that there is a clear difference between the terms information and knowledge. As Bateson (1979) points out, the information consists of differences that set the difference. The information allows to interpret events or objects from a different point of view, which makes visible certain meanings that were previously invisible, or discover unexpected connections.

The information is therefore a medium or material necessary to extract and build knowledge. Similarly, Dretske (1981) points out that the information is one thing capable of producing knowledge and information that carries a signal is what we can learn from it and knowledge is identified with the belief (or sustained) produced by the information. The information can be considered in two ways: syntactically (by volume that has) and semantically (by the meaning that owns). The semantic aspect of information is more important for the construction of knowledge, because it focuses on the expressed meaning. Then, the information is a message flow and knowledge is created precisely by this flow of information, anchored in the beliefs and the commitment of its possessor. This explanation emphasizes that knowledge is essentially related to human action. In this sense, both information and knowledge are elements of specific context and are relational, since they depend on the situation and are created dynamically during social interaction of people.

Labor and Leisure

August 3rd, 2013

In the labor scope, besides work, sometimes there is time for a little leisure. In December, the companies usually celebrate the classic dinner of Christmas to promote a good atmosphere between the employees. It is a good moment to know better those with which you work. For some these celebrations they can be " a field of minas" and a reason even for nervousness due to the consequences that can have had in other occasions at moments of juerga. Although is celebration, dinner of company not is as dinner between friendly or relatives since the same complicity does not exist and any thing that becomes or is said can repel in its professional image.

For that reason never it is of more considering certain behavior norms. It forgets the differences you do not take advantage of dinner to discuss differences or rivalries that you have in the office, it is neither the place nor the suitable moment. It enjoys and it lets enjoy to the others. Divirtete and takes advantage of the good atmosphere to improve the coexistence. Taken care of with the false proximity the apparent proximity between the different hierarchies from the company he is another one of the delicate points in company dinners that can make fall to the unwary employees. Mantn the automatic control Is necessary to maintain the distances Perhaps and to avoid possible inconveniences on the following day Vstete of suitable form he is one of the less important points, but you must be conscious where you will go and as you would have to go. It is not the moment to show your more creative side at the time of vestirte.

It is necessary to inquire on the type of clothes required, according to the restaurant that you go. If you do not know it clearly, consltalo. You do not lose anything and you avoid possible commentaries or to be bad. Dinners for companies, single woman goodbyes of and goodbyes as a single person