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Freedom From Financial Fretting

November 23rd, 2011

Have you always felt like you can never catch your tail when it comes to finances, or, no matter how much you and your family try to budget, you always end up in the red? Financing shouldn’t be like that; indeed, it really need not be so trying.  At Anatomy of Finance, we seek to help you regain control over your financial predicament, facilitating the budgeting process and ensuring your bank manager is happy, resulting in reduced stress for you.

The way Anatomy of Finance works is by offering basic lessons for free for anyone to benefit from, and then, charging membership for those who believe our company can really help them.  Through this membership (there are different types which give more privileges and benefits), one can take on an e-learning course on finances; speak with one of our financial advisers; and set up spreadsheets for more advanced money management.  As well, there are financial crisis management aids; a focus on the joys and pitfalls and small business managers and more.  The general idea of the Anatomy of Finance is to make financial fretting a thing of the past.

Some of the subjects covered at Anatomy of Finance include: investment 101; retirement; insurance policies; home purchase and mortgages; employee stock options; university funds; children and expenses and more.  Pretty much everyone needs some financial help at some point or another; Anatomy of Finance just makes the navigation process much simpler.