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The Pampered Chef Germany

May 9th, 2015

and the story of the successful company cooking shows have been for some years of a big hit in the German television and achieve high ratings. The concept is simple: high quality cooking in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere with friends and enjoy a nice evening. But why watch it only from the Chair? The pampered chef calls: get out of the Chair, get in the kitchen! Founded in 1980 in Addison, close to the city of Chicago in the U.S. State of Illinois, through the housewife Doris Christopher, the story of the successful company quickly took its course. In the start-up phase, Christopher took in addition to business activities to their two small children. To make money without the House leaving, she hosted cooking shows for friends and acquaintances, in which she presented practical and refined kitchen helpers and gave tips on cooking. When the first cooking show I noticed that people were very interested in my products and tips”, Christopher remembers. The concept of entertainment and information around kitchen and To combine cooking, proved very successful.

In the course of time, were more and more people part of the pampered chef and spread products across the country. Between 1995 and 2001, the operating revenues grew compared with the 49% of the rest of the industry by 232%. It experienced the economic peak in the year 2002 when the American major investor Warren bought buffet the pampered chef for $1 billion and included in his Berkshire Hathaway group of companies. We are pretty excited about the pampered chef. Doris Christopher has started from scratch and built an absolutely wonderful business”, so buffet. The pampered chef are high quality products that make everyday cooking easier and with which you can conjure up fast simply delicious and healthy meals in the foreground. Nearly 30 years after its founding by Doris Christopher head stone material and a range of about 250 are the unique pampered with the pampered chef label in many households around the world no longer kitchen utensils. Especially in England, Germany, Canada, and since this In Mexico the articles of both the hobby and professional resonate big year.

In England, celebrated the first successful decade in 2009 and moved to a larger Office. In addition, 500,000 pounds as well as the revenue obtained with special products, were donated to cancer research. After this model should be started by now in the anniversary year 2010 in Germany. With the come-cooking-weeks, a real treat waiting directly. A big raffle, fantastic sales supports, small discount promotions and start a donation program are also planned. That is the company on the right track following statistics prove: the hosted cooking shows to 69% and the number of consultants by 108% compared to the same month last year were increased only in September 2009. It seems only a matter of time before similar successes as obtained in the United States or England.

VDEB ISO 9001 Certification Of Composite Successfully

May 8th, 2015

Certified In spring 2009 the first Federation certification started mid-sized company sqm. Just six months later the QM certificates to all participants were awarded. The VDEB now plans a more quality group. Interested IT SMEs are invited to participate. Quality management according to ISO 9001 is one of the most important tools of optimization of business processes today.

The ISO 9001 certificate the customer indicates that in the certified companies the continuous optimisation of the products and services, customer orientation and business principles are anchored and lived. Many SMEs by the implementation of a quality management system be however be deterred in the dynamic business of the IT world. Therefore a sleek and low-cost lean QM system has been EN ISO 9000 ff, in accordance with national and international standards by the Association of IT-Mittelstand, developed VDEB ISO 9001-Federation certification, which is cut to size on the economic situation of small – and medium-sized IT companies and at the same time recognized DIN of series of standards on the under Compliance with the legislation is based. The AEB software company alphadata GmbH, DocuWare AG, Ebbinghaus team GmbH, EsPresto AG, FibuNet GmbH, global business Group Ltd, GreenGate AG, green Software AG, OrgWare GmbH, ProLogis automation and identification GmbH, Ropardo AG and sys pro GmbH decided in March 2009 to take part on the composite VDEB ISO 9001 certification. In October of the same year, the ISO was awarded 9001 certificates already on those involved. The ISO audit was carried out by the German quality management Academy. The training of the quality management officer four months ago and various instructions on the spot in the company was headed. IT SMEs are highly satisfied with the concept and implementation of federated certification.

Certification I can say that we are satisfied with the cost/benefit ratio and total for a pragmatic way for medium-sized companies keep it, to stand up to larger competitors with an effective outdoor sign for quality”, expressed for example, Michael Aubermann, CEO of Ropardo AG. “” “Frank able man, Board the green gate this opinion to join: I think you can the matrix certifi cation with clear conscience recommend.”Our customers put increasing emphasis on a proven quality management”, explains Christina Buchal, quality management officer of FibuNet GmbH the certification to take part in the decision of the company and added: our underlines the most powerful financial accounting for the German medium-sized businesses, as well as to develop competitive solutions for accounting and controlling our certified quality management system and market.” Due to the positive response and the success of the Association will start in spring 2010 with a further network certification. Already five companies participating in this new group, which jointly strive for the establishment of a quality management system and obtaining ISO 9001 certificates. Interested parties contact the Office of the VDEB under the keyword VDEB ISO 9001 Federation certification. All small and medium-sized IT companies are cordially invited to participate.