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Border Insecurity

June 25th, 2013

The rebels consider that gadafistas forces do not pose a danger. They extend the deadline for surrender of the localities of Yafra, Sebha, Sirte and Bani Walid, still in possession of the gadafistas. There is no decision or intention of the CNT to collect weapons from rebels in Tripoli, they warn. After the fall of the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, that is unaccounted for, the greatest dangers that lurk to Libya are on the southern border insecurity and wealth in the hands of the deposed dictator, revealed this Saturday the rebel authorities. The real threat posed by Gaddafi is the money there is in your hands and the South borders are out of control, said President of the National Council of transition (CNT), Mustafa Abdulyalil, at a crowded press conference in Benghazi, capital of the rebels.

And it is that the rebels consider that gadafistas forces already do not pose a danger to the country, since they feel militarily strong. We can enter into any city and take the rebels to any region, said Abdulyalil, who he then stressed the desire of the CNT avoid destruction and protect the civilian population. For that reason, the rebels have expanded in a week, until next Saturday, the deadline for the surrender of the localities of Yafra, Sebha, Sirte and Bani Walid, still in possession of the followers of Gaddafi. This enlargement does not mean to not follow closely everything that happens, added Abdulyalil. The political revolutionaries j announced that rebels asediaran those cities until expiry of the ultimatum, although the CNT has decided to allow the entry of humanitarian aid and restore the power supply to the besieged populations. Even so, so far it has not received any response from the gadafistas. According to Abdulyalil, there are some individuals who qualified as important personalities, who are obstructing the negotiations that elders and wise carried out in these cities for their surrender.

Facebook Quality

June 25th, 2013

In its early days Facebook was used exclusively for students, which allowed it that stands out from MySpaces and Friendsters. It is possible to If facebook had not been focused it opened not distinguished from others and perhaps we wouldn’t have the current result. Most entrepreneurs fear focus their business to specific topics. Frequently heard saying I want to make all my clients if it is true that everyone consume food, but the food market is enormous. The market that we can deal with is not everything, we need to focus on something specific and give the necessary quality. Achieve efficiency and quality many say do not have money to invest when the fundamental are the ideas of business.

When an idea is determination and focus, it finds its way. Facebook did not begin with a space for offices, only the fourth of Zuckerberg, nor personal employee, just a group of friends who worked for hopes and dreams. The best friend of Zuckerberg contributed $19,000 of venture capital. This capital could have been used for offices, furniture luxury, secretariats, etc., but not. All that capital was used to achieve greater quality and efficiency for their early adopters. A vision of what you expect to be most easy on a web is putting some content and then flood advertising. It is to scare people, and Zuckerberg knew it, didn’t want that Facebook would become a commercial site too fast. His partner Eduardo Saverin, everytime I saw were added 1,000 users, organized meetings to see the immediate monetization. Zuckerberg had a vision of what could become facebook and is what cousin, rather than the fleeting idea of immediate monetization.

Enjoy Madrid

June 23rd, 2013

Enjoy the best football in Europe at the Santiago Bernabeu meringue passion has no limit, why is always a good idea to take one of the many cheap flights Madrid to enjoy the matches of Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League or the Spanish Primera League. Ryanair is one of the companies of low cost fly to the capital of Spain from several national provinces. The home of Real Madrid, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu always occurs as one very interesting excursion for football lovers, who can appreciate soccer first level to which we are accustomed the Real Madrid in one of the most beautiful venues in Europe. The stadium is located in the Paseo de la Castellana and is easily accessible via the metro, connecting with the line 10 the station at Santiago Bernabeu. The Paseo de la Castellana is one of the most important avenues of Madrid, and is one of the main roads of the city, running from North to South. Opened in 1947, it has one capacity of more than 80,000 spectators.

Here not only compete for the local Spanish Championship matches, but is one of the main stadiums where UEFA Cup matches are played. In fact, 22 March 2010 played the Championship final between the teams Internazionale and Bayern Munich, with a result of two to zero in favor of the Italian Squadron, with goals from the Argentine Milito. Real Madrid Club de Futbol has 108 years of a rich history that keeps him as the protagonist of Spanish football. He has ever known what is the downgrade, having obtained 31 times the Cup that enshrines him as Spanish champion, eight times the Supercopa of Spain and 17 times the Copa del Rey. It has also achieved the UEFA Cup Champions League nine times, the Cup UEFA 2 times, the European Supercup in an opportunity and the Intercontinental Cup in three, as part of the 20 international tournaments in the history of the club.

The fans at Real Madrid is one of the most popular in Spain, calculated that a third of the soccer fans is a fan of this club. It has more than 85,000 members. Real sentences, extended throughout the country, that leverage Madrid offers cheap flights to live closely the meringue passion are also very important.

Latin America Countries

June 18th, 2013

As global capital flows are advancing there is no proper control of the emerging economy (Honduras), should promote a prevention large in the field of monetary, financial impact, already but is public debt of Latin American countries will increase in leaps. International credit as a mechanism of control agencies should implement a technical assistance as an essential element that ensure compliance with financial policies. Within the analysis to promote financial stability is three fundamental aspects in developing countries: international credit agencies should carry out an analysis of the capacity or third world countries external debt sustainability. You must promote or regulate national institutions in the case of low-income countries debt relief by the prevailing levels of corruption in Latin America. The activities of technical assistance (of the IMF and WB), shall centralize in the maximization of the progress in the area of trade liberalization. To meet these aspects policy should lie in the proper prevention to deal with drastic changes in the world’s economies, this can be perform through each country economic studies for projecting credibility level there are financial levels.

Globalization is also considered as a yoke that arrives every third world country by the dominance of developed countries that is given through the integration of the world generally the impact of this system is given in the economy and politics is also called as a capitalist model changes at the level of the cultures by globalization are lost the identification of each country’s culture since adopt ways of thinking foreign. There is a confusion and loss of traditions. There is a more effective communication. One of the aspects analysed is most outstanding is what is adopted in the countries. Aspects economic of globalization in Latin American countries are currently developing capitalist systems with Socialist traits performing the principle number one of capitalism the rich more richer and the poor every time more poor.

Castaneda Analyst

June 13th, 2013

The Executive has approved a draft law to send to Congress. This project proposes to reduce the VAT. From 19% to 18%. Intelligent and brilliant initiative of the Government in this time of presidential election, to put the rope neck to the candidate who is top in the polls, and are why I say this?: If Alejandro Toledo says that this is OK, I would be corroborating the successes of this Government. And if you say that this decision is wrong fried little fish. Honestly do not understand how a candidate who is unwilling to do the review toxicological, to know what already is known to be toxic consumer may be up in the polls.

A candidate who already is being tested you the financing of his campaign is running with money-laundering. How it is be in first place in the polls possible to? So dreamers are we? Peru 21 newspaper published the day something Monday that modesty aside come suggesting already good weather: our candidates we choose by sympathy, and not by Government plans; Since these not their grandmothers believe them is. The journal says the following followed by a survey with the same tenor-: what they most dislike of Toledo and Castaneda is his personality. The first noted it as arrogant, liar and drunkard. The second as hypocritical, without character, and question their environment the Mr Ricardo Vasquez Kunze in his column for this newspaper, says that Toledo has plenty of character, because he has sent to the Horn to the press that requires you to make the anti-doping. It is a clear demonstration of his bias as a political analyst. But this is have character? I believe that a political analyst must be impartial. I like I am not political analyst, if I can say that I am in favour of Castaneda. Everytime I visit my mom and ascend to the metropolitan and see how modernity in transit, and the order that this service should be handled makes its way in the midst of this wild jungle of minibuses prehistoric style, I think and I wonder where that character is from the public servant? And also I reflect and say: what I can remember of Alejandro Toledo, who has marked previous management? If anyone has the answer, let it me know.

North American Governments

June 4th, 2013

The Empire has allied to the Zionist-Nazi state and the Colombian Government of Mr. Uribe, to establish military bases needed to be able to support an invasion to the West of Venezuela. Where regional Governments of the opposition, in Zulia and Tachira States are located. These are precisely the two States accused more frequently, as territories of regrouping and activation of the Colombian paramilitary forces and encourage separatist movements to an eventual unification with Colombia. Risks the Government of Uribe, to submit to Colombia to a terrible like the Viet Nam experience, only with the intention of facilitating the takeover by force joint American-israeli sources of oil Venezuelan and Ecuadorian, the most secure and close to the United States.

Mr Uribe, does not have all the win a new and unconstitutional re-election, like the first, WINS with the crude manipulation of the Colombian Constitution, bribery and extortion to parliamentarians and military and paramilitary threats in the polls, especially in the periphery of the main Colombian cities, where the paramilitary terrorist forces forced entire populations to vote for unconstitutional re-election of Mr. Alvar Uribe. The plan Colombia, the U.S. military bases and false positives, show the permanent defeat of the Colombian Government in its fight against internal subversive groups. The inability of the Government illegitimate of Mr. Uribe is obvious, it is also evident that the American military presence will deepen conflicts with subversive groups and points out that there will be much more repression against the people of Colombia. The American military presence in Colombian territory, only shows the resurgence of the cold war, also shows that North American Governments have a horrible fear to the awakening of peoples. Especially to what most feared global economic power, it is to all financial and economic mechanisms that have given a hard blow to the treaties of free Trade, done that put into its largest crisis to capitalism and savage neo-liberalism in the United States and all the evil called the first world.