North American Governments

June 4th, 2013

The Empire has allied to the Zionist-Nazi state and the Colombian Government of Mr. Uribe, to establish military bases needed to be able to support an invasion to the West of Venezuela. Where regional Governments of the opposition, in Zulia and Tachira States are located. These are precisely the two States accused more frequently, as territories of regrouping and activation of the Colombian paramilitary forces and encourage separatist movements to an eventual unification with Colombia. Risks the Government of Uribe, to submit to Colombia to a terrible like the Viet Nam experience, only with the intention of facilitating the takeover by force joint American-israeli sources of oil Venezuelan and Ecuadorian, the most secure and close to the United States.

Mr Uribe, does not have all the win a new and unconstitutional re-election, like the first, WINS with the crude manipulation of the Colombian Constitution, bribery and extortion to parliamentarians and military and paramilitary threats in the polls, especially in the periphery of the main Colombian cities, where the paramilitary terrorist forces forced entire populations to vote for unconstitutional re-election of Mr. Alvar Uribe. The plan Colombia, the U.S. military bases and false positives, show the permanent defeat of the Colombian Government in its fight against internal subversive groups. The inability of the Government illegitimate of Mr. Uribe is obvious, it is also evident that the American military presence will deepen conflicts with subversive groups and points out that there will be much more repression against the people of Colombia. The American military presence in Colombian territory, only shows the resurgence of the cold war, also shows that North American Governments have a horrible fear to the awakening of peoples. Especially to what most feared global economic power, it is to all financial and economic mechanisms that have given a hard blow to the treaties of free Trade, done that put into its largest crisis to capitalism and savage neo-liberalism in the United States and all the evil called the first world.

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