Castaneda Analyst

June 13th, 2013

The Executive has approved a draft law to send to Congress. This project proposes to reduce the VAT. From 19% to 18%. Intelligent and brilliant initiative of the Government in this time of presidential election, to put the rope neck to the candidate who is top in the polls, and are why I say this?: If Alejandro Toledo says that this is OK, I would be corroborating the successes of this Government. And if you say that this decision is wrong fried little fish. Honestly do not understand how a candidate who is unwilling to do the review toxicological, to know what already is known to be toxic consumer may be up in the polls.

A candidate who already is being tested you the financing of his campaign is running with money-laundering. How it is be in first place in the polls possible to? So dreamers are we? Peru 21 newspaper published the day something Monday that modesty aside come suggesting already good weather: our candidates we choose by sympathy, and not by Government plans; Since these not their grandmothers believe them is. The journal says the following followed by a survey with the same tenor-: what they most dislike of Toledo and Castaneda is his personality. The first noted it as arrogant, liar and drunkard. The second as hypocritical, without character, and question their environment the Mr Ricardo Vasquez Kunze in his column for this newspaper, says that Toledo has plenty of character, because he has sent to the Horn to the press that requires you to make the anti-doping. It is a clear demonstration of his bias as a political analyst. But this is have character? I believe that a political analyst must be impartial. I like I am not political analyst, if I can say that I am in favour of Castaneda. Everytime I visit my mom and ascend to the metropolitan and see how modernity in transit, and the order that this service should be handled makes its way in the midst of this wild jungle of minibuses prehistoric style, I think and I wonder where that character is from the public servant? And also I reflect and say: what I can remember of Alejandro Toledo, who has marked previous management? If anyone has the answer, let it me know.

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