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Around The Clock From Home Shopping In The Internet City

September 29th, 2016

The Internet City offers profitable shopping with reimbursement by A to Z bad weather, there is no impediment more, to miss the best bargains or to buy a quality conscious alone parking needs or the home feeling now loads up on the sofa. The Internet City invites you to experience shopping as happening. And the big advantage of this: all proceeds from home of the sofa directly in the city. Here there is everything the heart desires: from A like ADAC to Z like great deals. Food for normal consumers and gourmets, fashion for every taste or beauty in all brand categories, travel first-class or last minute, insurance, flowers, cell phones up to land on the moon there is nothing what it not there.

Over 2000 well-known providers Hapag-Lloyd, Otto, and Nokia, are here represented as SCHLECKER Neckermann, source, including American Express, Arcor, Avon, Goodyear, Edeka, Center-parks, Calida, Levi’s, to name a few. The online stores are in the Internet City integrated and quick to find. For every purchase through this Portal customers granted to bar repayment to your own customer account bonus up to 35%. 150 bonus in the year the buyer receives the same amount as a loyalty bonus once again to do so! Are no limits to the top. Most stores offer as an additional service also providing free House “.

Who also want to save it, has with the customer card to the way: each customer who raised after 1 year of purchasing the loyalty bonus, receives 5% on his tank documents (here, 1,500 for one year are recognised). The customer card is available at the unique price of 5 with wife Cornelia Borlinghaus. The fee can be on PayPal account: will be transferred. At the same time is an email to Mrs Borlinghaus stating the full address. All vendors such as shipping homes were tested on their sales strategies and and proved to be competent and reliable trading partner. So are the guarantee and protection against unsightly Given surprises for each customer. Log on to the Internet platform is free of charge and without obligation. The portal will be supported by Cornelia Borlinghaus, who gladly informed interested and gives also information about how you can make money with an own personalized Internet city under. Also companies, which have a unique competitive advantage and image enhancement with an own Internet City, are addressed here. Contact: Cornelia Borlinghaus Burgenland str. 73 70469 Stuttgart E-Mail: Web: Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web:

Financial Times Germany

February 18th, 2016

VI. fairvesta real estate investment offers the hammer under the heading of real estate fund specialist Markus Gotzi”the recognised Fund analyst and journalist Markus Gotzi published his fund analysis to the fairvesta 6 real estate holding company GmbH & co. KG”. GAO analyzed once per month a closed-end fund specifically for the financial times Germany and rated them. “It is interesting that Gao already approaching the fundamental principle of the fairvesta real estate fund in the first sentence: the profit is In the shopping!” And so Gao describes stringently first of all the current real estate market or the strategy with the fairvesta in the real estate business is going on.

fairvesta it regards it as its core task, for everyone to make real estate transactions. The resulting above-average yields remained reserved so far rather institutional large investors. Therefore it makes it fairvesta the fairvesta 6 real estate holding company GmbH & co. KG”a wide target group of investors, already to benefit from 10.000,–euros plus 5% premium from the chances of real estate trade. In his analysis of the Fund, Gao worked all essential points to the equity out and presents them clearly and with the journalistically necessary distance.

In his conclusion, he consequently summarizes in consequence that the VI fairvesta contribution for entrepreneurial investors is an alternative to typical Germany real estate funds with stock objects and finds that investors from this participation of the provider put less on the profitability of real estate, rather on the management quality. Those who are interested in the appearance, underneath… /: funds check real estate purchase with the hammer… the full post on the Internet. The real estate specialist for the fairvesta group, Otmar Knoll, feels confirmed analysis with regard to the functioning and relevance of the market anyway, through the recording of his Fund in the framework of the financial times. Also, the facts of the past, so the performance of the previous funds had obviously convinced. Otmar Knoll: Straight looking many investors in difficult times like now for a meaningful alternative to other asset class. We provide these people with the fairvesta Fund”an interesting perspective. fairvesta Holdig AG our core mission as a service provider we see is for everyone to make real estate transactions. We use the success principle of institutional investors. This is fairvesta after the ancient wisdom of the Merchant: In purchasing, the profit is the resulting average yields so far institutional large investors remained reserved.

Financial Authorities Need To Handle Innovative

February 15th, 2016

Fast procedures for the deferral of taxes and adjustments of advance payments Berlin, 26 February 2009 mid-sized economy (BVMW) requesting Federal Association the tax authorities and social security to a flexible and innovative approach to small and medium-sized enterprises on which accidentally got in trouble and where unexpected liquidity bottlenecks occur. A possibility would in simple and quick procedures, taxes and social security contributions temporarily to hours or to adjust advance payments. We suggest that all medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs get the right to suit the expected course of business tax payments. A reduction of the deposit for individual types of tax up to 25 percent should automatically be considered approved, further cuts would be to establish”, so BVMW President Mario Ohoven. The most effective and simplest measure, however, is the general tax exemption by retained earnings. Then the company could again under its own power invest, create jobs and build equity.

So already the economic miracle without foreign capital was funded. Anyway it is regulatory makes more sense to let the profits the companies rather than taxing them until and then to ailing companies as a State subsidy to distribute”Ohoven explains. These measures would change not revenue, safeguard liquidity but the company in the event of an emergency and make them less dependent on bank financing. An equally necessary and simple measure is also the deletion of the profit independent members from the trade tax. Currently, companies would have to pay taxes on lease, rent and interest expenses even if no profits. Should be such a change in the short term not nationwide can be enforced, a vote should municipalities be given immediately, whether they want to hold even in the crisis to gain independent control components. The fuse of the municipal economy serve also the stability of Communes. It is a task of local self-government, to control their commercial tax base flowing to and to the future of the companies at a glance.

“How important is the local factor for companies, confirmed the Langenfeld Mayor Magnus Staehler: the fact that in Langenfeld on all aspects of our site make sure strengthens the healthy mixture of medium-sized companies”. Because his city wins new thriving companies, the trade tax rates reduced sustainably. Directly to medium-sized companies nationwide innovation competitions should vary according to the BVMW. A fast and unbureaucratic tendering procedure would be more efficient and sustainable than subsidies for the ailing carmaker. An innovation competition for the 1 litre car, coordinated between federal and State Governments would ensure future export markets, that is not the case with pure conservation subsidies.

European Association

August 4th, 2015

“Coffee nation as ‘ best self-service project’ by the European Association for self-service June 21, 2010, High Wycombe coffee nation, Britain’s rapidly growing coffee company and a leading provider of self-service machines to gourmet coffee, has been awarded by the European Association for self-service with the award of best self service project” award. Awarded Europe Expo, Europe’s largest trade fair for Kiosktechnologie and self-service solutions, in Essen on behalf of EAFS self service awards 2010 at the kiosk on June 16. The European award is the latest innovation of the Britons, which must not be confused with the German provider of coffee coffee nation: coffee nation Express, a self service machine for gourmet coffee. Thanks to the sophisticated solution, it will be possible, and in busy environments, such as railway stations, swimming pools, universities, companies instead of vending machine coffee often perceived inferior taste”a high-quality Brand coffee at coffee shop level to offer with revenue expectations by over 150,000 (approx. 180,000 euros) per year, of which both partners benefit.

The proceeds be divided pro rata between the operator of the installation area and coffee nation. On the basis of the established and proven coffee nation technology, the express expanded the concept an intelligent touch-screen to the menu. Quickly, so the desired coffee can be put together with as also syrup are available in the coffee shop. Another innovation is the payment system that accepts all common account and credit cards, as well as banknotes and coins. Input the PIN is the amount easily from the bank account confiscation or charged to the credit card. “Our promise is simple: the perfect Premium coffee experience for on the go, without the coffee-shop with its plush seats and overpriced snacks,” said Scott Martin, CEO coffee nation. Currently, the contractor plans the foray into other European markets, including Germany.

The European Association for self-service awarded its awards innovative excellence in self-service projects for different industries. The applications were assessed by a panel of experienced experts from the practice in regard to effectiveness, degree of innovation, design and potential impact on the self-service market. Coffee nation is Britain’s leading provider of self-service solutions for premium coffee at coffee shop level. Founded in 1997, the company distributes its products today through nearly 900 points of sale, including renowned as welcome break, Moto and Esso, supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Somerfield petrol stations and motorway lawn sites.