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Leipzig Start-up Architools 3D

March 27th, 2016

Awards ceremony “Founder competition – innovative ICT” at the IFA Leipzig, 02.09.2011: Leipziger architools 3D was as a prize-winner at the contest – ICT innovative 2011 “award. The prize is endowed with 6,000 EUR. The founder competition – ICT innovative the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology awarded promising start-ups in the field of information and communication technology. The young Leipzig company was awarded as one of the most interesting IT ideas in Germany this Friday at the IFA in Berlin architools 3D. The founder competition – innovative ICT”of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology awarded innovative start-ups from the information and communication technology. The jury paid tribute to the concept of architools 3D with a prize money of EUR 6,000. The founder competition – innovative ICT”is held twice a year. 265 applications were submitted for the first round of the competition.

In addition to the five main prizes, eight recognition awards were presented. One of them went to architools 3D. With the competition, the Ministry supports young start-ups in the IT industry on implementation of its innovative concepts. The founders of architools 3D could convince the jury with their innovative software for the fast and intuitive creation of 3D-Architekturmodellen. The software allows large city models for computer games, movies, archaeology and urban development to generate and to reduce the development time by up to 80 percent.

We are excited about the award and can use very well the prize money for the market entry of our software.”says Christian Begand, one of the three founders of architools 3D. The application deadline for the next round of the founder – ICT innovation”is on the 30.11.2011. Architools 3D: Digital building models to be of architools 3D software faster than hitherto to create. In traditional software, 3D building models must be drawn line for line to the computer. The software of the Architools 3D simplifies company and accelerated this process, by building models of user described and then automates the computer draw. The structure and the appearance of the building models can be fully defined with parameters. Parameters are for example the height of Windows, number of floors or shape of the roof. The software is aimed at game developers, film and TV production companies, urban planners and architects. The architools 3D GmbH was founded by Christian Begand, Fred Heinig and Michael Keutel in July 2011. Press contact: Fred Heinig, + 49 341 927 88 22 0,


March 17th, 2016

Human beings have used art as a means of expression, even before the emergence of verbal language. The art is an easy and convenient way to dig around inside, bringing conflicts to the outside and handle in an indirect way, transforming them creatively. Art provides the tools necessary to achieve comprehensive Health health care, ie mind, body and medical bills spirit hospital in harmony. According to studies, art influences the autonomic nervous system, balance hormones and brain neurotransmitters. My health insurance was bought from understands the serious financial challenges faced by people who cannot otherwise afford to purchase major medical insurance plans There is a change in attitude, emotional state and perception of pain, getting to bring a person from one state to another of stress relaxation and creativity. It connects us with the deepest part of our psyche lies the healing power we all possess. Yakuarte, uses dance, music, visual arts and theater. Its effect is not only used to treat emotional problems, but also has proved health insurance effective as an aid in treating various physical ailments.


Major Depression And Its Serious Complications

March 11th, 2016

When suffering from clinical depression, people have different ways of coping. Some acknowledge that they face any other problem, and seek help. Some ignore it or not there. And others simply accept that it is there but do nothing about it. In fact, even ask for help. Those who ignore and do nothing, they run the risk of developing serious complications of depression.

Like any other medical disorder, untreated clinical depression has its hazards. What are some of the complications of clinical depression? How serious are they? Suicide Without treatment, some depressed people feel hopeless, helpless and worthless. Subsequently, the thoughts of death occurs. Sometimes they feel they are better off dead than alive. As the disease worsens, suicidal thoughts and behavior gradually. Although rare homicidal behavior, homicidal behavior can happen to someone with a significant level of depression.

In fact, some high-profile cases the media had point to some cases of clinical depression and homicide. Severe depression may cause alterations in the trial, making these depressed people vulnerable to harm. Psycho also clinical depression causes disturbances in perception and thought. Some people with severe depression experience auditory hallucinations (“hearing voices”) and delusions (false fixed beliefs). Hallucinations can manifest as inappropriate commands to tell the person to do certain things, like hurting themselves or others. Delusions can range from mistrust to strange beliefs, such as the idea that the person is the “Anointed One.” Functional impairment is very common for depressed people to feel the lack of energy and loss of interest to their usual activities. These people can not do their normal duties, they prefer isolated from everyone, and stay in bed all day. Absenteeism, financial problems, job loss may be the inevitable outcome. Relationship problems due to current thinking and behavior disorders, some family members do not understand what is happening. Fights, taunts, insults and arguments between spouses or among family members can happen. As the relationship becomes more strained, the individual becomes more distant from friends and family. It is not uncommon for unsupportive spouses, parents and children during these difficult times. In summary, clinical depression has fatal consequences. Ignoring it is too risky. Do not do any of that is a serious error. Early recognition and treatment is the only way to prevent unwanted complications.

Printing Techniques

March 7th, 2016

Jost Amman egyptian artwork xilografia of showing a recorder
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Poynter Institute
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In brief: has announced 500 greek art art challenge ancient vase for all Pogo Stylus users drawing, sketching and greek sculpture doodle with history of art the touch-screen tool. its latest web-to-print service ancient sculpture for the egyptian sculpture iPhone that allows developers to integrate on-demand printing capabilities, allowing greek arts users to send personalized egypt sculptures e-mail directly from the iPhone. Rexi Media has a new arts artifacts …
South County egyptian art Spotlight
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Target Clientele

March 3rd, 2016

The two stores make purchases 45% in three or more – about 30%. As noted above, it can not talk about distribution of the target audience for loyalty, but it may indicate the source of the future loyal audience. Why shoppers visit each store, along with yours? Most often, the reason lies in the difference between the retail formats. District elected a supermarket for everyday small purchases, a hypermarket – a centralized 'shopping weekend. " It is reasonable lifestyle, and does not imply disloyalty. But why is there third and fourth shops? The answer to this question reveals the features of disloyal segments.

It remains only to find out the reasons for which you divide the purse buyer with your competitor. Maybe your sales are not too friendly? Queue? Air conditioners do not work? No tables for packaging? Stale fish? No ingredients for making sushi? Look, communicate with buyers, and you will find the problems that these people do not able to forgive you. Summary. As part of the target audience of any shop, there are many subgroups that you somehow do not like. Among these people there are those who because of the nature or attitude closes its eyes to these details, and there are those who elevate them to the rank of global problems. These are the two poles of loyalty and the challenge for any task the program is to shift the proportions of the audience toward the loyal. It is important to remember that financial incentives – one of the most simple, and perhaps the weakest argument in the upbringing of customer loyalty.