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The American

December 9th, 2017

Other technological innovations had been also used in agriculture and cattle American, what it resulted in improvements in the culture of the land and the genetic improvement of the flocks. These agricultural transformations had favored the magnifying of setordo domestic market. As the agricultural production if expanded with the tencologicas innovations, the United States passed for considerable economic growth. The American industrial revolution was in this way, result of the agroindstria, the equipment production and for the integration of the North American regions for the railroads. Which asseguravamescoamento of the products in the domestic market. The American industrial revolution was resulted of the textile industry perfected by the same ones.

The siderurgical revolution, the industries mecnicasmetalrgicas and of good of consumption in growth, ' ' they had raised the productivity of the production factors, and had consisted in the most important factor of North American economic development opened highways for all American territory, promoted improvements in the fluvial transport, with the steam navegation. Such improvements had become economic dynamic the regional ones of the country, a time queelas made possible the regional integration between the same ones. The revolutions in the transport, the industry and agriculture had favored sobremaneirao external commerce. Intense industrialization, exceeded the agriculture, which up to 1808, was the main source of wealth of the country. In the period of the one after-guerrase it gave to the consolidation of the great financial groups. The banks had increased its patrimony exploring agriculture with the collection of weighed interests, which were invested in the industries. Almdisso, the industries, the company railroad charged high prices for the stockage of the product, as well as proves agricultural production for low prices. 3 – Importance of the exporting base As well as England, in the United States the importations were financed by the exportations. Between 1860 and 1910, the North American exportations generated a great surplus in the payment rocking.

Understanding Los Reservoirs

April 7th, 2016

Lately it is common to hear concepts such as sinks for carbon, CDM projects, Kyoto Protocol, biomass and Gases greenhouse (GHG), among others. Even though we know that these topics have to do with the so-called climate change and which are important for the protection of the planet, yet they are concepts that seem rather esoteric, mysterious, which exceed our understanding and therefore we prefer not to go beyond what we hear in the news. Although this topic has a certain complexity degree, it is necessary to know to understand and analyze it from a critical perspective. For this reason, this article seeks to give a little depth to the subject in a simple way, trying to clarify concepts. Carbon sinks according to the UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (UNFCC for its acronym in English) is defined as carbon sink any process, activity or mechanism that absorbs or removes a Gas of effect greenhouse (GHG), an aerosol or a precursor of a greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. One of the main carbon sinks are forests.This means that if there is a carbon sink is emitted GHGS, part of it is fixed or is bioaccumulates in a forest and its concentration in the atmosphere decreases see explanatory image directly on the blog greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse gases the main gases involved within the term GHG are: steam (H2O) dioxide of carbon (CO2) methane (CH4) nitrogen oxides (NOx) ozone (O3) chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) to learn more about the greenhouse effect, please click Here biomass and phytomass specifically CO2 is absorbed by plants and other photosynthetic organisms like algae. This CO2 is fixed or is converted into biomass through the fotosisntesis. Taking into account that biomass is any organic matter of animal or vegetable origin that there is on the planet (including you and me), call from biomass of photosynthetic processes as phytomass.

Argentina Countries

September 22nd, 2013

combination of regimes exchange of the classroom of regimes of fixed exchange with the large-scale ressurgimento of the movements of capitals proved to be an explosive combination, subjecting these economies the speculative attacks. They had not only occurred in emergent countries, as in Mexico, 1994, that she infected Argentina, or in the countries southeastern Asian, in 1997, or Russia, to the end of 1998, and immediately afterwards in Brazil, but already they had occurred previously in 1992 in some European countries, that then came fixing the paridades of its currencies in relation to the German Landmark. After the exchange crises of the end of the decade of 1990 and ahead of the insustentabilidade of the maintenance of one fixed tax of exchange, the option for the adoption of a regimen of floating exchange if constituted in the reply of Brazilian monetary authority in the direction to recoup the capacity to make monetary politics and to become the economy less susceptible the recurrent speculative attacks. In some countries, the spite of the announcement officer of adoption of the flexible regimen, in the practical one, the monetary authorities had remained intervined in the market to diminish the volatileness of the tax of exchange with the objectives to reduce the abrupt friction, movements and imperfections in this market, beyond guaranteeing external credibility to the flow of capitals for the accumulation of reserves, to reduce inflationary pressures in scenes of raised ' ' pass-through' ' increase of the internal prices of the country? exchange and to control the high ratio of the debt in relation to Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). Such exchange measures reflect directly in the performance of the external accounts of the country, especially of the exportations. These, in a context of magnifying of the economic opening, are sufficiently excellent for being not only an element of adjustment of the external accounts and balance of long stated period of the rocking of payments, but also of maintenance of high levels of growth and job.

Federal Advice

June 18th, 2012

To finish, they must be auditados of independent form, as the rules established for the Federal Advice of Accounting? CFC. Seeming of (s) the auditor (you are) independent (s) is the document where this express professional its opinions on the countable demonstrations for it auditadas. This to seem, in accordance with the opinion that contains, can be classified in seeming without exception, seeming exception, to seem adverse and to seem opinion abstention. In seeming exception, in accordance with the opinion of the independent auditor, is everything in perfect order, that is, the countable demonstrations the norms of the CFC and the basic principles of the accounting had been prepared in accordance with. In seeming exception, the comment carried through for the independent auditor must allow the users to identify its effect in the countable demonstrations. Therefore, they can be analyzed by the public administrator aiming at to form its discretional opinion concerning the acceptance or not of the constant information of the presented countable documentation.

No longer to seem adverse, has the comprometimento of the set of the presented countable demonstrations and in seeming opinion abstention (that he can be for uncertainties or limitation in the extension of the examination), the auditor was disabled to form its opinion on the countable documentation. Exactly that the norm does not establish no distinction between them, can understand, for the beginning of razoabiliade, that an auditorship with seeming adverse or with opinion abstention, demonstrates problems in the demonstrations countable (, that they had not been produced in accordance with the rules established for the CFC), becoming at least possible public administration not to accept such documents to it for evidence of the good situation economic-financier of the EBN. 2.2De the Equity On the equity, it must be of R$ 8.000.000, 00 (eight Real million) for the ocean navegation, of R$ 6.000.000, 00 (six Real million) for the R$ and coastal navegation, 2.500.000, 00 for the navigations of maritime support and port support.

Reading And Learning

June 16th, 2012

The importance given to the subjects of economy of our country, is of utmost importance for all those that read jornaisdiariamente, but believes that it would be in such a way how much pleasant the estasnoticias terms those colunistas brilliants that I eat in outroscadernos can sanctioning in them with its immense wisdom translated emensinamentos stop approaching in them still more to be people educadasfinanceiramente. To announce what he happened or that this you give to happen aonosso redor with people of great he influences for economy of the importante country and can bring immediate benefits its readers, masacredito that as many economists that they obtain to evaluate with tantapreciso the reasons that take the stock markets up and down, and quedemonstram with so few but wise people words why of tantarecesso in the economy or even though what took this or that grandemultinacional to decree its bankruptcy. As much knowledge can and deveser used to dispertar in its readers the importance of if giving maisateno as we were educated financially and what we make of nossaseconomias and future financier. I say this, why we know of the difficulty of all to poderparar and to read a good book on economy, financial education, had occur-runs of day-by-day, thus such notebooks of nesteprincipais economies periodicals that so obligator readings to start itself well odia, can and would have be the instrument that makes possible the primeiroscontatos and the matureness of the ideas of as would be will importantededicarmos our time for the learning no appends of outraslinguas, of a new sport or new hobby, harms something so importanteque can make all the difference of they dominate that it in having a healthful and more important vidafinanceira until, a economicamenteativa oldness. Therefore my indiguinao, in to always open as many periodicals and veraquelas same faces, speaking on fusing, incorporations and high ebaixa of the stock market. To show the secrets of that memorable executive – always to wake up early and to be a good leader in house and the work, but and afinana, why nobody of a due importance to this knowledge? He will be that any executive of success does not know that case not tenhaconhecimento sufficient on as to deal with its finances can have umavida professional of predestinold success but to the failure of its vidapessoal? Perhaps sobreque is in the hour to change our concepts type of information needs to see in periodicals, only noticiasque also we will see two or three times during the day in the telejornais oualgo that it can in them bring information in small daily portions chews will supply in them of the time lack to dedicate a good reading to it sobrecomo to deal with our money. It is in our hands, or better in our eyes, the choice and apossibilidade to make ours you criticize so that daily prazerosoexercicio of reading of a good periodical in them brings each time useful and necessary maisinformaes for our reality.


June 5th, 2012

Outsourcing is a term of English origin, ‘ ‘ Out’ ‘ it means ‘ ‘ fora’ ‘ ‘ ‘ source’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ sourcing’ ‘ it means source. Literally it assigns the action that exists on the part of an organization in getting man power is of the company, that is, terceirizada man power. 1.2-Definition the Outsourcing is a form to add value to a business converting an internal center of costs into a external service through the subcontratao, allowing release of resources of the organization and the managers to concentrate its attention in the areas of business of raised strategical importance. 1.3-Process de Outsourcing As a way to the attainment of a competitive position front to its competitors, the companies is adoptando the use strategy that consists of the desverticalizao of its processes of production. This passes for a study that start for the identification and analysis of which the internal processes if they show inefficient, and by which shares they must be taken to become them more agile, flexible and adaptable. In a process of outsourcing, we find five phases, nominated: Identification of chances, evaluation of chances, seleco of the supplier, process of transistion and acampanhamento and evaluation of the performance. 1.3.1-Identification of chances In this phase is defined: The strategical direco? Distinction of the vital processes of not vital? Identification of the processes to consider 1.3.2-Evaluation of chances is considered the following elements Here: Evaluation of the quality and the actuais costs? To investigate alternatives? To define the objectivos of outsourcing 1.3.3-Seleco of the supplier Is considered: The determination of the extension of the necessary control? Definition of the requirements of the supplier? To evaluate proposals and to seleccionar the 1.3.4-Process suppliers of transistion In this phase of – the bigger emphasis: Development of a transistion plan? Transistion of processes? Integration with vital processes 1.3.5-Accompaniment and evaluation of the performance In this last phase of the process of outsourcing is considered: Attainment of reports of the performance? Continued improvement of the performance? Periodic evaluation 1.4-Type de Outsourcing the organizations make use of a gamma of models or types of outsourcing that objectivos function of or strategical plan of each can be utlizados in organization.