June 5th, 2012

Outsourcing is a term of English origin, ‘ ‘ Out’ ‘ it means ‘ ‘ fora’ ‘ ‘ ‘ source’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ sourcing’ ‘ it means source. Literally it assigns the action that exists on the part of an organization in getting man power is of the company, that is, terceirizada man power. 1.2-Definition the Outsourcing is a form to add value to a business converting an internal center of costs into a external service through the subcontratao, allowing release of resources of the organization and the managers to concentrate its attention in the areas of business of raised strategical importance. 1.3-Process de Outsourcing As a way to the attainment of a competitive position front to its competitors, the companies is adoptando the use strategy that consists of the desverticalizao of its processes of production. This passes for a study that start for the identification and analysis of which the internal processes if they show inefficient, and by which shares they must be taken to become them more agile, flexible and adaptable. In a process of outsourcing, we find five phases, nominated: Identification of chances, evaluation of chances, seleco of the supplier, process of transistion and acampanhamento and evaluation of the performance. 1.3.1-Identification of chances In this phase is defined: The strategical direco? Distinction of the vital processes of not vital? Identification of the processes to consider 1.3.2-Evaluation of chances is considered the following elements Here: Evaluation of the quality and the actuais costs? To investigate alternatives? To define the objectivos of outsourcing 1.3.3-Seleco of the supplier Is considered: The determination of the extension of the necessary control? Definition of the requirements of the supplier? To evaluate proposals and to seleccionar the 1.3.4-Process suppliers of transistion In this phase of – the bigger emphasis: Development of a transistion plan? Transistion of processes? Integration with vital processes 1.3.5-Accompaniment and evaluation of the performance In this last phase of the process of outsourcing is considered: Attainment of reports of the performance? Continued improvement of the performance? Periodic evaluation 1.4-Type de Outsourcing the organizations make use of a gamma of models or types of outsourcing that objectivos function of or strategical plan of each can be utlizados in organization.

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