Reading And Learning

June 16th, 2012

The importance given to the subjects of economy of our country, is of utmost importance for all those that read jornaisdiariamente, but believes that it would be in such a way how much pleasant the estasnoticias terms those colunistas brilliants that I eat in outroscadernos can sanctioning in them with its immense wisdom translated emensinamentos stop approaching in them still more to be people educadasfinanceiramente. To announce what he happened or that this you give to happen aonosso redor with people of great he influences for economy of the importante country and can bring immediate benefits its readers, masacredito that as many economists that they obtain to evaluate with tantapreciso the reasons that take the stock markets up and down, and quedemonstram with so few but wise people words why of tantarecesso in the economy or even though what took this or that grandemultinacional to decree its bankruptcy. As much knowledge can and deveser used to dispertar in its readers the importance of if giving maisateno as we were educated financially and what we make of nossaseconomias and future financier. I say this, why we know of the difficulty of all to poderparar and to read a good book on economy, financial education, had occur-runs of day-by-day, thus such notebooks of nesteprincipais economies periodicals that so obligator readings to start itself well odia, can and would have be the instrument that makes possible the primeiroscontatos and the matureness of the ideas of as would be will importantededicarmos our time for the learning no appends of outraslinguas, of a new sport or new hobby, harms something so importanteque can make all the difference of they dominate that it in having a healthful and more important vidafinanceira until, a economicamenteativa oldness. Therefore my indiguinao, in to always open as many periodicals and veraquelas same faces, speaking on fusing, incorporations and high ebaixa of the stock market. To show the secrets of that memorable executive – always to wake up early and to be a good leader in house and the work, but and afinana, why nobody of a due importance to this knowledge? He will be that any executive of success does not know that case not tenhaconhecimento sufficient on as to deal with its finances can have umavida professional of predestinold success but to the failure of its vidapessoal? Perhaps sobreque is in the hour to change our concepts type of information needs to see in periodicals, only noticiasque also we will see two or three times during the day in the telejornais oualgo that it can in them bring information in small daily portions chews will supply in them of the time lack to dedicate a good reading to it sobrecomo to deal with our money. It is in our hands, or better in our eyes, the choice and apossibilidade to make ours you criticize so that daily prazerosoexercicio of reading of a good periodical in them brings each time useful and necessary maisinformaes for our reality.

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