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Freight Salesman

March 17th, 2014

(VASQUEZ, 2004; LIGHT, 2010) FAS – Free Alongside Ship – Exempts in the Back of the Ship. The obligation of the salesman is to place the merchandise to the side of the back of the ship in the wharf of the port of appointed embarkment or in boats of overflow. The disembarrassment of the merchandise starts to be of responsibility of the salesman, in contrast of the previous version when age of responsibility of the purchaser. (VASQUEZ, 2004; LIGHT, 2010) FOB – Free on Board – Free on board the Ship. The salesman, under its account and risk, must place the merchandise on board the ship indicated for the purchaser, in the port of appointed embarkment. He competes to the salesman taking care of the exportation formalities; this formula is most used in the Brazilian exportations by sea or domestic aquavirio. The use of clause FCA will be employee, in the case to use the road, railroad or aerial transport. (VASQUEZ, 2004; LIGHT, 2010) CFR – Cost and Freight – Cost and Freight.

The decurrent expenditures of the rank of the merchandise on board the ship, the freight until the port of appointed destination and the formalities of exportation they run on account of the salesman; the risks and damages of the merchandise, from the moment where it is placed on board the ship, in the embarkment port, are of responsibility of the purchaser, who will have to contract and to pay to the insurance and the expenses with the landing. This term can only be used for maritime transport or domestic fluvial transport. Term CPT will be used when the way of transport will be road, aerial railroad worker or. (VASQUEZ, 2004; LIGHT, 2010) CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight – Cost, Insurance and Freight. Clause universally used where all expenditures, safe marine and has also freighted, until the arrival of the merchandise in the port of appointed destination runs on account of the salesman; all the risks, since the moment that transposes the amurada one of the ship, in the embarkment port, are of responsibility of the purchaser; the purchaser receives the merchandise in the port from desti

Same Meeting

May 11th, 2012

This contributes for the distenso between the parts, for a more efficient agreement. In this contact, most convenient it is to allow that the colloquy flows in natural way, but not for very time, as we will see ahead; but the necessary one so that if it establishes certain empatia between the parts, and so that the agreement and mutual knowledge occur in friendly way. By means of the dialogue, of feeling itself it the will, you will look for to reach a pleasant interaction with the other; later, in the final phase of the negotiation, this it will be useful. However, it prevents that the meeting if summarizes to & ldquo; namoro& rdquo; ; there for as much, it locks up the divagaes and it puts serious questions to the table. In this point, it is to salutar to come to the meeting with a list of questions to be done. Therefore, here the initial recommendation: she is necessary to plan the meeting.

Of form some, you can waste this time with distractions, lack of objetividade and passive attitude ahead of the salesman, that is, nothing of that position of & ldquo; the first contact is for knowing the way things geral& rdquo;. He is valid to act at the beginning in this way of the conversation, however such positioning not half hour must last more than. After this period, we must show the one that we came. It is advisable to impress the other side for the seriousness and ability, and, for this, becomes obligator to be well specific and objective in the meeting. You are of the branch? In the initial phase of the colloquy, in that climate of cordialidade that the people search to restore, for better if feeling I obtain same and with the other, the salesman is common to introduce an embarrassing question for times: you are of the branch? This interrogation brings in its excellent bulge one meaning: it functions as a signal, a code, a presentation key that people of the same circle of interests and experiences partilham, as they were belonged to a restricted club.