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1000hands AG Unveils New Online Plan Service Before

September 26th, 2016

The 1000hands AG provides the layout for an apartment for 12.95 Berlin, February 25, 2008 The 1000hands AG provides floor plans and data for the marketing of homes on the Internet and for print media. The State plan is available in the online proceedings from 12.95. It will be delivered within 24 hours. Annual plans are required for the marketing of real estate. But mostly just useless old plans available are the sales departments or the appointed agents.

You lose lots of time and money to get usable floor plans for your objects. For this reason the 1000hands AG offers the online floor plan service. The process is simple: the customer delivers the 1000hands AG the old template as a file, fax or by post staff of 1000hands AG make it an optimized layout for rental and sale. Fast, consistent, cheap and direct sales. The customer has the free choice among more than 100 floor plans. The 1000hands AG of plan types has developed specifically for the Internet, the with regard to Information density, file format, transfer ability and representation are optimized. Real CAD floor plan in DWG format are available in addition to the popular bitmap formats like JPG, GIF or TIF. Differently than its competitors, the 1000hands AG constructed the floor plans with real CAD and not simple time programs.

Therefore, the floor plans are actually true to size and bemassbar. Also, the calculations can be performed WoFlV or II. BV and DIN 277. The customers have free design possibilities with regard to layout-style color choice label space stamp furnishings dimension calculation. Further information is available under plan about the 1000hands AG of the 1000hands AG focuses on the building documentation. A large team of over 100 professionals from the fields of surveying, architecture and CAD is available for the customers. Altogether the 1000hands AG has edited in the last five years about 100 million square meters of building area. The services include the surveying, the CAD processing and calculations according to national and international standards.

Stress-free In The New Home With The Carefree Package

April 4th, 2016

The home buying advice extends the benefits for homebuyers with a new collaborator the carefree package to enhance the home buying advice: in addition to valuations, failure analysis, review of living space and a sound purchase price negotiation now also purchase contract of notary contract of Martina Kunze, Attorney at law for real estate and real estate law, on error is checked from October. Comprehensive support all those to support when buying real estate with the carefree package, which would acquire a house or an apartment. It is important that all necessary checks with respect to the real estate and the purchase agreement knowledgeable, comprehensively and quickly carried are the experts. The carefree package saves time and money the buyer, if he must decide on a particular object. We want to offer our customers a performance package, with which you can relax. The valuation of the property, the conversations with the seller or broker, the review of the Sales receipt form errors we assume everything you need, so that the buyer must then practically is his signature on the contract”, says Axel Berger, owner, and experts in real estate and land valuation. Lot of power for little money the carefree package it significantly differs from other services on the market: not only the examination of the documents by a lawyer is included, but also price and fee for successful negotiation of the purchase price in terms of costs among comparable offers.

The buyer can only win with the commissioning of the carefree package, because in most cases the price well above the market value of the property is located. If we determine that and negotiate accordingly, the buyer often go with a savings of EUR 10,000 and more home”, so Jan Berger, expert buying advice. The home buying advice is an Association of professionals who provide services related to the purchase and sale of real estate. Locations are Munich (Bavaria) and London (Saxony). Axel Berger is approximately 20 years as a civil engineer, construction experts and reviewers. Together with Jan Berge, he managed the Berger real estate valuation and the home buying advice. Contact: Juliane Moller social media management the home buying advice office Munich: Karling first breed 7, 80992 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89/54 78 33 53 fax: + 49 (0) 89 / 28 97 97 61 Office London: Maple Court 8, 09387 Jahn village phone: + 49 (0) 3721/274 56 69 fax: + 49 (0) 3721/332 79 E-Mail: website: Twitter: blog:

Best Start For The Young Family

April 15th, 2015

Forster & Hilms Immobilien GmbH is real estate, a specialist in the Hamburg Elbe suburbs increasingly on townhouses Forster & Hilms, follows a development on the real estate market, which is increasingly emerging for about a year. It is the increasing demand of young households for terraced houses and semi-detached houses. In times of favorable mortgage rates they dare increasingly the first step towards the creation of residential property. Adult residential areas with the advantages of urban infrastructure are preferred. Of course, also the proximity of kindergartens and schools plays a crucial role in the search after the new home. Short walk to all major facilities of daily life increase the quality of life and save the cost of a second. The selection of residential complexes that meet these requirements, is just between Altona and cracks, so the Elbe suburbs. To attract the buyer advertising on this real estate sub-market both new houses, built according to the again rules exacerbated the Energy saving regulation by 2009 and so-called existing real estate.

It involves more than to old or new. A House, built the feeling safe, having done everything correctly after the last State of the art, it is therefore “better” than a used that story have a piece and you can hardly deny the charm of the building. Apart from the advantages of a growing environment. At this point, everyone must weigh. The note may be helpful that the prospective buyer should first decide according to the unchangeable. These are location, brightness of the rooms and size of the House. Everything else can be changed, with more or less effort.

Forster & Hilms Immobilien GmbH, headquartered on the Sullberg in Hamburg-Blankenese, is one of the leading real estate brokers in the Hamburg Elbe suburbs. The discrete placement of villas, houses, apartments and construction sites in the Hamburg West, the neighborhoods are Othmarschen, big Flottbek, Nienstedten, Osdorf/high camp, Blankenese and cracks, is at the heart of the operational business, which is led by CEO and founder Peter M. Forster. Contact: Forester & Hilms Immobilien GmbH Peter M. Forster coaming Mountain St race 2 22587 Hamburg 040/86 62 43 0 040/86 62 43 44 press contact: Kanal_P Mittelstand marketing Philipp Forster coaming Mountain St race 2 22587 Hamburg 040/87 88 20 60