Labor and Leisure

August 3rd, 2013

In the labor scope, besides work, sometimes there is time for a little leisure. In December, the companies usually celebrate the classic dinner of Christmas to promote a good atmosphere between the employees. It is a good moment to know better those with which you work. For some these celebrations they can be " a field of minas" and a reason even for nervousness due to the consequences that can have had in other occasions at moments of juerga. Although is celebration, dinner of company not is as dinner between friendly or relatives since the same complicity does not exist and any thing that becomes or is said can repel in its professional image.

For that reason never it is of more considering certain behavior norms. It forgets the differences you do not take advantage of dinner to discuss differences or rivalries that you have in the office, it is neither the place nor the suitable moment. It enjoys and it lets enjoy to the others. Divirtete and takes advantage of the good atmosphere to improve the coexistence. Taken care of with the false proximity the apparent proximity between the different hierarchies from the company he is another one of the delicate points in company dinners that can make fall to the unwary employees. Mantn the automatic control Is necessary to maintain the distances Perhaps and to avoid possible inconveniences on the following day Vstete of suitable form he is one of the less important points, but you must be conscious where you will go and as you would have to go. It is not the moment to show your more creative side at the time of vestirte.

It is necessary to inquire on the type of clothes required, according to the restaurant that you go. If you do not know it clearly, consltalo. You do not lose anything and you avoid possible commentaries or to be bad. Dinners for companies, single woman goodbyes of and goodbyes as a single person

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