Iranian Government

August 15th, 2013

Internet could be defined as a great social network in which anything goes and in which all the users of the World Register to interact with each other. The truth is that from our side, the side of the user everything look more complicated to think that there may be other users, who can not connect or read certain things with the same freedom that you do. Internet has become a field of battle for these fictitious democracies that enslave its citizens curtailing them freedom, a fundamental human right. We have recently read the death of an Iranian blogger in a jail in the country which was hospitalized by say intrusive things of his country’s regime. Apparently, according to Iranian officials, the writer died accidentally, worse the unofficial version clearly explains the work you are doing security forces Iranians to clean the country of traitors writers. Internet, is therefore, for countries that do not respect human rights, a major threat that you cannot control, though they try. But; Where is the limit? What kind of computer maintenance does held the Iranian Government for imprisoning a blogger not to say what must be said of the regime? The truth is that the boundary between the right of expression and opinion in Iran is just an impossible dream, but that will only depend on users which is settled. In addition, in the rest of the world, must make us echo of what is happening on the other side and the difference in concepts between one side and another.

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