July Store

November 16th, 2013

As an example of successful existence of such a store will give your site Films on dvd Here's a summary statistic for the iv quarter 2006 (before moving to a new domain) September – 270 sales in October – 244 sales in November – 184 sales in December – 347 sales per sale on average, 37.3 ruble profits. Now comes a few less for July 1951 was for sale (though not with the new site, but with ads on third-party resources), with an average profit of 24.68 rubles. Nevertheless, sales of fully repaying the cost of a domain, host, and make a profit. I hope this example has convinced you to that despite the competition (and where not?) income generation through partnerships store now has the right to life. Now let us define what we need to start building a partnership shop. We will need to register a domain name. Recommend the zone ru and / or com, believe me, if registered in these areas to live and work will be much easier. Rent normal hosting. At least that should be in it included – 500 mb of disk space, php, MySQL Decide to those goods which will implement through the affiliate program. Find partners to register their partnership programs to install all the necessary software or write itself (depending on the partners and their own skills) Proceed to promote the store Now we have a clear list you can proceed to a substantive discussion and to begin developing a plan of action.

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