German Franz Beckembauer

May 28th, 2012

It was not in order to make a deeper pesquina, but I believe that the correct dictated one is ‘ ‘ wolf loses for, but it does not lose vio’ ‘ , but for it was costumou there to say ‘ ‘ wolf loses for, but it does not lose vcio’ ‘. Explained this, we go to the wolf that interests in this chronicle, one gentleman that was born in 9 of August of 1931, therefore it has 80 years, and it is nothing less than the winning greater of Pantries of the World of Soccer of the history of the match, that it started in 1930, in Uruguay, passed to be carried through of 4 in 4 years and it did not only occur in 42 and 46 because of the dullness of 2 World-wide War. New than, for happiness they had not yet needed to search in the Internet, go to remember this winning Sir, after all is frequent esportivos programs of national abrangncia to utilazarem you speak edited of them, as: ‘ ‘ He is strange! ‘ ‘ or ‘ ‘ There yes, we were surprised! ‘ ‘. If they had not yet killed the charada one, we go to speak today of the alagoano Carioca than it exists, Mrio Jorge Zagallo Wolf, simply the Old Wolf, only world-wide tetracampeo of soccer in fact and of right, therefore was in the Brazilian Election as player in the championships of 58 (Sweden) and 62 (Chile), as technician in 70 (Mexico) and as to assist technician in 94 (U.S.A.) Good we go to appeal the old and good Wikipdia to remember this legend of the world-wide soccer, that in 58 was modern left tip, that came back to help in the way of field, it used shirt 7, and acted in the attack with the future legends Pel and Garrincha. Its work of assisting in the lateral relieved it the nickname of Formiguinha and whenever it had a possibility was Zagallo in the attack there, leaving its goal. In the Botafogo of the River it played with astros as the proper Garrincha, Didi and Nilton Saints, that would follow also them in the Election. As player and champion in 58, Zagallo pleased as much that would be convoked for the Election of 62, of this time with shirt 21, was an apparent reserve, therefore it finished ordering for bank one them great astros of the time, the left tip Pepe, friend of Skin in the attack it Saints, resulted: world-wide bichampion the Zagallo player. In 66 (England), without Zagallo as player or as technician, Brazil failed.

In 70, the Old Wolf was the technician tricampeo, in the command of a wonderful teams with Skin, Rivellino, Jairzinho, Tosto, Piazza, Clodoaldo, Grson and Carlos Alberto Towers, among others craques. Zagallo would fail as technician in 74 (Germany), but would become the first and only world-wide tetracampeo in 94 (U.S.A.) as to assist technician of Carlos Alberto Vine arbor (that in 70 and composed the commission technique in Mexico). Up to 90, Zagallo withheld the mark of being in such a way the only player of the champion world to be world-wide for an Election as player as technician. The German Franz Beckembauer reached this in 74 (Germany) and 90 (Italy). Still on Zagallo all know of its setting for number 13, history that any hour we will count here.

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