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May 16th, 2012

Whenever fodder in Multinivel comes to the mind a cartoon that saw when he was young where a personage raises the top of a snow-covered mountain and throws a currency that is rolling and is formed a snow ball that is made great and unstoppable more and more. If we took this example to the reality we see that it happens the same, a person is affiliated with GTC, ” aplica” the strategies that its sponsor gave him quickly and begin to create that snow ball, that with time and the daily work, is become a network of people working in equipment and with but success. But everything begins with a person that I create a tendency, I create a movement so that soon they are united to the other people. The leaders act that as to begin that work and little by little the people see the results and they are affiliated to obtain the financial freedom. But a good leader needs the value to begin to generate this great wave, must have many nutgalls to be only and often to make the ridiculous situation. But its intention is very simple, which generates in the others, it is very easy to follow and that is the key, is almost intuitive. And when the things are made well obtain the fruits, this leader affiliates with his first prospectus and now they are two affiliates, the duplication takes place and now the possibilities are duplicated. However, the second affiliate is the test that the leader this doing the correct thing.

And they continue applying the strategies and they affiliate with other people and they are suddenly expanding its networks in other countries. The people whom everything is seeing what happens to them give account of which every time there are but affiliates in different places and that they continue prospecting, increasing but strategies and sharing experiences. And this is what it likes but me of Multinivel, when is always begun counts on the experience and the aid of the sponsor, never works only, and at the most affiliates enter to the network, but fast the duplication takes place While but people one, no longer are but a risk. If before they were in doubt now no there is reason by which not to affiliate themselves and to begin to work in equipment and this way are as a snow movement or ball is generated. But nothing of this serious possible without the first person thus is as a leader thinks. We work in equipment and we gained all or it does not gain anybody. Those that does not enter lose of an ensured success and to reach the financial freedom. And as always I say when fodder in the multilevel: If profit not to reach my goals in this business will not obtain in no other Because it is very simple, it is only necessary to take action and to begin to apply what another already they have made to obtain it.

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