Metropolitan Museum

May 19th, 2012

An accumulation of circumstances favored the intact consevacin of the tomb of Tutankamon, the alliance between nature and fortune along with a great rock that slid by the valley dnde was the look of the coffin to seal the tomb during thousands of years the young person Pharaoh that died to the early age of 19 years, affected by the ailment of Freiberg or Khler II and passed away because of the malaria, pertaining to the XVIII.dinastia he remained hidden until reaching the forgetfulness by its descendants and successors. He was the 4 of October of year 1922 when the British archaeologist Howard Carter accompanied by their sponsoring Lord Carnarvon after seven years search, in an expedition, gave with this appraised treasure, Accompanied by the photographer Harry Burton, ordered to immortalize those moments of the finding, at that time was the photographer of the Metropolitan Museum of the Art of New York, reason why it sent it to the Museum to realise the news article of the exumacin of the corpse of the young Pharaoh., given the embergadura of hallzago that they had to ask aid to the Museum after discovering the four cameras of the Pharaoh and but of five thousand objects to classify, to recover, to pack, to send to analyze, etc. In addition the work that it provides to him to Burton for the ten following years, obtained about 1,400 negatives in glass plate. The irony of the chance to remain on the verge of retiring the financing of the project to Carter when this and Lord Carnavorn day before together photographs had been made before finding the first step This encuentrea photographic documentation in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, of New York. The photographic sample, exquisite support to the rest of the exhibition, In the exhibition we found the photographs in black and white of the passage of entrance to the tomb, the opening of the sealed chambers on the inside, the first view of the contents the treasures that were. .

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