How To Publish A Book

May 18th, 2016

Well, I have left ten minutes before force me not to think about my novels up within two weeks. The reason: exams, three, philosophy, modern history and Linguistics. So, before I forget, I’m going to put in writing how I have prepared all the shebang to leave list my novel written in your name for publication in different formats. Firstly, on the web site of I have uploaded the document in pdf. By four eurytus you can download the complete novel but you can also take a look at more than 100 free pages. Dismissed also sell the book in because I have come to the conclusion that neither nor nor similar ones are platforms for publishing a book for others but for the subsistence of the authors themselves (test no. 1: I’ve been waiting for my copy of the book to correct that I created on in early December, it will reach me?; test no. 2).: the printout you get infinitely more expensive than if the dictate in a print shop, where are then your business, sell or print?).

To create the pdf: 1.-models your novel in Word with the configuration that you indicate in your templates. Realize that you are going to create a pdf and, therefore, should not have too many pages blank and the more simple best. Choose a big boy letter size (12 points) and a little beribboned format (Arial, Times New Roman, Gandara, etc.). If you are using MS Word, you have to pass the file to PDF. I used a free program, blessed passionate programmers, CutePDF Writer.

Here you have to be careful with the size. You have to choose well, that matches the size you chose in Word with the page. If it is customized (13 21 cm, for example), you must use the custom size of PostScript option to scale to the size of the paper.

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