International Relations

June 12th, 2012

' ' This on the other hand will be good for the environment, that was very affected when the countries were with high taxes of crescimento.' ' From a critical analysis of the work of Walden Bello on the desglobalizao and a new world-wide economy was studied the strategical scenes of the Nations in recent years. One concluded that the partner-cultural forms of the world had generated a transculturao process. Ahead of the complex and including character of the modernization in the Age of the Globalismo, the economic crisis initiate in the United States showed to us theory to it of the interdependence in the Nations. The Complex Interdependence was categorized by Viotti and Kauppi as pertaining to the pluralista image of the International Relations for possessing some on actors the same the internacinal circuit, that is, state and not state actors are important, the State are not a unitary actor and its parts can act transnationally, the international agenda are composed of diverse subjects, as economy and welfare state, that they are so or until more important that the Security. The Complex Interdependence favors the cooperation, becoming possible games of positive addition and the stabilization of the System International it saw institutions and standards of behavior international that if they form throughout the time. It is the result of the multiplication of the global interconnections and the acceleration financial, demographic flows, of good, services and of information.

Moreover, the actors who operate these flows extremely are varied. Intergovernamentais organizations, not governmental multinationals, organizations, civil society, amongst others. Thus, a time that the flows occur in a very great intensity, with diverse actors interacting in varied levels, forms a teia of interdependent relations. E, as an brusque movement in one of the tips can shake at least good part of the teia, says that the disruption costs are very high for the actors.

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