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March 17th, 2012

Wolves werewolves ancient Slavs called "Werewolves," which came from the word "dlaka" (skin). After all, the term "traffic" means to change their human Eastview for something completely different, strange and mysterious consciousness, which beckons you to become animal, the owner of the outstanding physical strength and absolutely superhuman abilities. If you believe the chronicles, it's more people than the wolf, has a fairly recognizable as human and animal features, walks on its hind legs straight, like a man. Hind limbs have werewolves in their structure very similar to human legs and knees are rotated forward. The front also correctly be called his hands. Werewolves completely separated from wolf packs and kept apart. In this case, shadow and reflection from a werewolf in the water, such as a person. Also werewolves have claws, tail and glowing ruby red eyes.

Of course, the option to be reincarnated as an ordinary wolf, too, does not was forgotten. In the movies almost always demonstrate a humanoid bipedal werewolves with hind limbs, as in ordinary wolves, only more muscular legs. And it was certainly the discrepancy: the human body center of gravity is very high, and the two wolf paws, with such a small footprint for the human body, not leave, let alone run. So much for whatever fall, this parody of a werewolf will go running from tree to tree, or on all fours. And speaking of metamorphosis, then, based on the faith of the Slavs, the man was able to transform into an animal, either on its own, and by the will of another person or sorcerer. Not on their own could become a werewolf: children who died unbaptized (one of the orthodox myths) born to wolves or werewolves these damn parents violate this vow to the gods or fallen under action of the evil spell.