They And They In The Office

October 13th, 2012

Feminine professional and in the Office – 10 exhuberantes combed recommendations to consider 1. shine better for 2 special events or at night. the maquillaje must be subtle, delicate (it avoids the strong shades, it bases very loaded and dark labial pencil) 3. avoids the very long nails and with 4 designs. the excess of accessories is not necessary 5.

avoids decolletes (you can inconvenience to the personnel of the office and clients) 6. the rotation of the skirt does not have to be more than three inches on the knee 7. pieces to dress I am transparent are not for the office 8. recommendable trousers are those of cuts straight 9. always clean shoes and with the small cover of I mark 10.

that the tone of your voice is pleasant, smooth is shouted in the park – Ten recommendations of image for Them in the office – 1. mantn your cut of hair to attractive expensive day 2.: humecta your face, cuts the excess of beautiful in the nose, eyebrows and ears 3. humectadas hands and 4 clean nails. shirt with 5 clean neck. strap in excellent condition (clean, material clasp of the strap nonalligatoring) 6. always clean shoes and for renewing soles when it is necessary 7. remove the down of the jackets and precaution with 8 dandruff. the quintet that speaks of your good pleasure: ball-point pen, portfolio, strap, clock and shoes 9. avoid to take more of an accessory to your multipurpose waist (cellular, keys, blade) 10. you do not forget to always take a handkerchief For Them and They, always remember the trio that pleases all: inner beauty, positive external projection and respect towards which they surround to you. Brenda Liz Gins, Director Feminine World for the woman with just a short time original Author and source of the article.

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