Soviet Union

July 22nd, 2016

During the Thirties, characterized by the institutional irregularity (Somebody coined the label the Infamous Decade ), there was a profuse intellectual production. Then there were many allusive communications to the difficulties that already Argentina had. Of them, we mentioned the formulated ones by Sal Taborda, in its book, pedagogical Investigations, in its conference the spiritual crisis and ideario Argentine and in the magazine Facundo, that it directed. In his works he gave great part of the misalignments to the English and French intellectual influence, that went to contrapelo to which he understood like the native genius. He can collect itself, agreed to the incorporated ideological currents to the Argentine vital flow, that World War II, would have to constitute itself in a new polarization. To it he contributed that the occupants of the Argentine formal leadership, had decided to be neutral in the world war, since it they had been in First. But this neutrality that it had been supported before by England, no longer would be supported by the emergent powers: The United States and the Soviet Union.

The suspicions of affections with Axis, were not scarce and were foundations for which thus they thought, although exaggerated on the matter. Thus, to few months of the unexpected death of the general Justo, who prepared itself to assume like pseudoconstitutional president in 1944, the military Revolution of the 4 of June of 1943, whose proclamation took place she was written by the then member of the General Staff of the Army, colonel Pern. In the context you bid up of them internal of the Army, Pern was becoming the strong man of the military government. This is clear in the creation of the Secretary of Work and Forecast, in November of 1943, headed by the same Pern, that after the rupture of diplomatic relations with Germany and Japan, happened to de facto hold also the positions of Minister military and Vice-president of that government, who by the way, also had been recognized by the Judicial Power.

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