October 31st, 2013

There is a belief that in the novels are illustrated engravings, drawings, were always based on written texts. And, however, it wasn’t always so. There was a time in which the narrators who wrote novels serials for newspapers were at the service of famous and prestigious illustrators; First, they gave these his illustrations, and then came the narrators and acoplaban drawings of the stars of the engravings. The famous case of the London newspaper is Evening Chronicle, who commissioned the young Dickens of 24 years that he wrote a series of texts of manners character for illustrations of the famous illustrator Robert Seymour, great Star of the moment in 1836. Or is that Seymour did the illustrations and to these additional text accompanied them later. The plot of the stories, therefore, subordinated to the drawing. In the case that concerns us, soon arose disagreements between the – then unknown – genius of Dickens and Seymour star. The work conceived by the artist intended, through its engravings, a story about a hunting club called Nimrod, a society of perdigueros comically inexperienced source of the news:: books on painting

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