Monetary Union

September 11th, 2012

Klaus Regling considers that &quot exists; the hope fundada" of which the crisis will be surpassed in the mid term. For it, the countries of the zone Euro must continue with the measures of saving and the reforms. Criticism the pesimism of the Germans, its compatriots, who always think about that everything " empeorar&quot can;. The top person in charge of the bottom of rescue of the Euro (ESFF, by its abbreviations in English), Klaus Regling, considers that the crisis that ties down to the countries of the zone of the unique currency has solution perspective in the mid term. " The founded hope exists of which in two or three years crisis&quot will have been surpassed; , it affirms Regling in declarations advanced by the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel. The j of the EFSF emphasizes that for it is necessary that the different countries from the zone of the Euro are consequent and continue with the necessary measures of saving and financial reforms. The Monetary Union is not going away to disintegrate, since the weak countries as much as the forts have the common interest that it continues working, indicates Regling, that affirms &quot sharply; risk of which the Euro give ins, gives equal by whom, he is equal to zero ".

The German economist criticism in addition with extreme hardness to its compatriots when assuring that " in Germany histeria&quot reigns partly; , since the Germans only think about that everything can get worse even more. " But that is not certain, everything aims at one mejora" , it comments the j of the EFSF, for which in all the countries of the zone Euro an improvement of the fundamental data is registered and plans have remembered saving, something than the USA " he is still very lejos". The top person in charge of the EFSF announces finally in the interview that the fort increase of the tasks of its office will cause that the next year duplicates its personnel of the 12 present ones to 24 people. Source of the news: The person in charge of the bottom of European rescue thinks that the crisis will finalize in three years

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