Ministry Man

April 17th, 2013

And a scribe came and said: master, I will follow wherever you go. Jesus said to him: the Foxes have holes, and birds of the sky have nests; the son of man has no where lay his head.(Matthew 8: 18-20). Please note that the response not gave rise to doubts. Jesus knew what it had inside the man and immediately, he replied that if his expectation was the financial soundness and ensuring a permanent employment, it was better to seek another occupation. Same with those who are behind the Ministry seeking recognition or earning a good salary. They are absolutely wrong! Its appeal is not Christian Ministry, but the business vision and must redirect their goals do not dilate the decision how many people received the call of Jesus Christ to be soldiers from his army and occupied in anything less in Christian Ministry ended because they were delayed in making a decision? No doubt there are many. The course of their lives could be successful, but they thought it too the Gospel recounts that: another of his disciples said to him. Lord, let me first go and bury my father.

Jesus said to him: follow me; Let the dead bury their dead (Matthew 8: 21, 22). Do you understand the context? One man It asked for license to Jesus to wait until his father died, which could take months or perhaps years, before following him. It is likely that today same you’re faced with the choice: serve or not Christ in his work. Do not allow Satan to mine his heart with uncertainty. Go to God in prayer and ask your guide. If you are in their precious wish, he will put peace in your heart to take the appropriate decision. His decision must be firm plenty of men and women, fruit of emotions, have felt that his heart burned the call to Christian Ministry.

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