London Stock Exchange

December 6th, 2012

In January, the same at an average temperature of 5.3 degrees, it is kept in the range of +2 to +8. London is divided into 33 administrative units of 32 of these 33 words are called borough (boro), and 33rd denoted simply by the City. In the old times only the City and was a city, and the names of most of the current borough, are former names of villages. And if London is the capital of the United Kingdom, the City is a kind of capital in London. Here are the Bank of England and London Stock Exchange.

City buildings, despite the fact that it is the oldest part of town, not so ancient – all the ancient great fire destroyed in 1666. The oldest building in the city is St. Paul's Cathedral – St Paul's Cathedral. Its construction began in 1675, and the service it began to carry out with the December 2, 1697. Here, in the City, and is the best known of London's new buildings – a 40-story skyscraper Mary Axe. The building, which has the mesh design, it was built in 2001-2004 by the famous modern architect Norman Foster in place of Baltic Exchange, damaged by bombing in 1992, arranged by the Irish Republican Army.

However, administrative agencies in London are not in the City, and in Venstminstere. This area is located west of the City, and its very name translates as "western church". Of the western church is Westminster Abbey, built in the vii century the island was located here Tourney (Torney).

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